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NTT-DATA Interview Experience | On-Campus (Virtual)
  • Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2021

I appeared for NTT-DATA on-campus in October 2020. It was virtual, and they had 100 openings at that time.

There were two profiles:

  • Digital 
  • Non-Digital 

Digital profile explores technology like Big Data, Full Stack Development, Cloud Development and Non-Digital works on the core product i.e mostly java development

Via the interview process, it would be decided on the last stage whether a Digital or non-digital profile is allocated to the candidate.

Round 1 (Aptitude): A written test was conducted by Aspiring Minds (AMCAT). The test included aptitude, verbal reasoning, and logical reasoning section. One section was dedicated to Computer Science Fundamentals. Other for Web Technologies and lastly for SQL and Cloud.

Out of 121 students, nearly 41 students were shortlisted for Interview Rounds

Round 2 (Group Discussion): The group discussion due to virtual drives was not possible, hence we directly got promoted for interviews.

Round 3(Technical Interview): The technical round lasted for about 25 mins, I was asked Angularly related questions because I had mentioned it in my resume. The interviewer was extremely friendly and polite and made me comfortable. Further on, I was asked questions related to my third-year project and then basic DSA algorithms questions.

One tricky question I was asked was whether we can make a constructor private or not(I didn’t know the concept of the singleton class, so I answered this one wrong) Definitions of friend function and virtual and how are global friend function implemented.

20 students out of 41 were selected for the managerial/hr round.

Round 4 (HR Round): Questions related to me and how did I spent my lockdown ,my hobbies and what my parents do and any issues I faced.Very friendly interviewer and genuinely interested to know more about the candidate. Further questions related to relocation were asked and commute issues if any.

Out of 20,10 candidates were selected.

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