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Nagarro Interview Experience Off Campus for Trainee Technology

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I applied Online via Google Form on their Facebook Page. I interviewed at Nagarro Software (Gurgaon, Haryana, India).

Total 4 Rounds.

Round 1[From Home]: This is online round, which consist of 40 MCQs from Aptitude and 20 MCQs from Data Structures and Algorithms.

For each correct answer you will get +2.5 and for every wrong answer there will be -1.

I actually don’t know the Cutoff, but I attempted all Programming Questions and nearly 10-12 aptitude questions, and cleared this round.

Round 2: This round is held at their Office(Gurgaon) if you cleared the 1st round.

There are total 16 candidates (from different colleges who appeared for this off campus drive).

It consist of 3 coding questions which need to be done in 75 minutes. You can code in any language.

Questions are of easy to medium difficulty.

Ques 1-> Find K closest elements to a given value in an array. This question is available on GeeksforGeeks. http://Find k closest elements to a given value

Ques 2-> Print all subarrays in an array, whose sum is 0. This question also available.

Ques 3->  Longest Common substring in 2 strings. It is also available. http://Longest Common Substring

Note: Write only the most optimized approach for each question in terms of time and space complexity. If you don’t know, write atleast Brute Force approach, if you can’t code then write Pseudocode atleast, but try every question. Atleast give brute force approach or pseudocode, but if you know Optimized Approach, then go for it.

After first Round 5 are shortlisted from 16.

Round 3[Same Day]: In this round they will check your Approach for every question. They will dry run your code and ask you to walk through your code and told them your approach. Also they will ask you to Optimize each question, if you don’t code then atleast give them Pseudocode Logic for Optimized Approach.

They can ask some more question from you if they thought that you can’t explain any question correctly.

Note: They basically check your logic.

After second Round 2 are shortlisted from 5.

Round 4[Same Day]: This is HR Round. Before HR Round they will give you 2 forms to fill, which consist of your basic details of qualification and general question regarding you, which you need to tick mark as per your choice.

In HR Round they will ask Basic Questions like:

-Tell me about Yourself.

-What is your Rank in Entrance Exam which you have given to get admission in your current Degree.

-Your favourite Programming Language. In which programming language you have coded, in your 2nd round.

-Rate yourself in your whole college in your favourite language.

-In which Coding platform you are regular, HackerRank or Codechef ? Any achievement in that platform.

-Brief discussion about projects.

-How do you see yourself 5 years from Now.

-Why Nagarro.

-Any offers currently you have. So, all this kind of basic questions.


Tip: So, basically they ask from Arrays and Strings and you can get question on DP also. And they require most optimized approach. Just be prepared DS thoroughly.

A Big Thanks to GeeksforGeeks, for providing such a great platform for preparing for Interviews 🙂

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Last Updated : 07 Mar, 2019
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