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MountBlue Technologies Limited Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2021

Interview level is Easy if you have basic coding and communication skill 

MountBlue selection take place in three rounds

  1. Coding Round
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR interview

All the round in online mode. In my case there was two round in technical interview, in your case it might be only one.

Coding Round

MountBlue Technologies Limited use hackerrank hiring platform for their hiring process

Coding questions as same we practice in any coding site like codechef or hackerearth or codeforces 

Level of question are one Basic and One hard including two question solving in 1:30 hr time limit

Topics : algorithms, problem solving, dynamic programing

Solving one question is enough for selection in next round.

Technical Round 

# round 1

In this round Web Cam is required and this is one to one interview in with interview give 

you problem to solve and then you have to explain the same to interview and 

some question asked on topics Like OOPs and Algorithms

# round 2

In more technical questions like

  • which language you know?
  • what is difference between java and javascript and JSON?
  • Interviewer tries to confuse and check your knowledge about new technology and your understanding?

if your basics are clear then this is peace of cake for you but coding round might be difficult for you but if you copied code in coding round from your college group then you are out in this because this time you have to solve in front of then #round 1 and you can’t switch tabs they will know .

And you either caught in coding round because hackerrank have paradigm detector(code copy detector)

HR Round

HR round more of your introduction and then companies terms and conditions.

it is skype interview they asks for 

  • Introduce yourself?
  • Weakness and strength?
  • Why you want to join us?
  • And Explain what this companies does and some terms and conditions. 

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