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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience for 2021 Summer Internship (Off-Campus)

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Round 1 (Online Assessment on AMCAT): There are 3 sections.

  1. Aptitude (Easy-medium level questions, the only catch is about the time constraints. I found it challenging to solve all the questions in the given time)
  2. Debugging (7-8 questions to debug, easy-medium level)
  3. Coding questions (3 questions of medium level)

Good problem solving and debugging skills, Basic aptitude practice would be enough. I solved all aptitude and debugging questions and 2 coding questions. 

Round 2 (Technical Interview over zoom 45 minutes – 1 hour): I was asked to screen share, compile, and run all my codes in an IDE. 

  1. Level order traversal of BST (along with full code of BST insertion)
  2. Questions on Hashing
  3. DBMS queries (Be well-prepared with joins)

Good problem-solving skills, Hashing, DBMS, and confidence would get you through this round. 

Round 3 : (HR + Technical interview over zoom 1 hour): This was a system-design based interview involving concepts of OS, Threads, and Software Architecture. I was given a situational based question regarding an application, and I had to rebuild it such that it becomes efficient in certain areas). I am not allowed to reveal the exact question, please find the below example for clarity : 

Suppose you built an application (exact application was specified by the interviewer) for a client, and the client comes back with certain issues. How will you identify, resolve, and rebuild the application such that those issues are fixed?

This went on for 55 minutes, followed by HR questions (leadership skills, your motivation towards computer science, what inspired you to be here, a brief overview of your projects, Why Morgan Stanley). I was also asked if I had any questions.

Previous internships and projects and knowledge of threads and OS will be helpful for this round. 

Result: Selected 

Conclusion: Be authentic and confident. Even if you commit mistakes, present yourself like you are capable of rectifying them. The interviewers were extremely sweet and round 3 was my personal favourite. 

Having a balanced resume (DSA + Projects) is helpful.  Subject knowledge of OS, DBMS, OOPS, DSA will be helpful. For round 3, I found my previous internships and projects to help a lot. Even if you don’t know what system design is, try to answer the questions in a logical intuitive way. They just want to push your boundaries and see if you try to answer confidently. 

Note: I have noticed that Morgan Stanley exhibits diversity in the interviews that they take. Your experience might not be the same as anyone else’s. 

Last Updated : 06 Nov, 2020
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