Microsoft – SDE On Campus Full Time

Round 1: There was an online coding round held on CoCubes comprising of 3 questions (2+3+5 marks). Around 250 students appeared for the test, the questions were :

1.First Repeating Element in a string.

2.Reverse a Linked List in k sizes.

3.Print the sum of cousins of a node given the pointer to the node and the sum.

Around 64 students were shortlisted after this round.

Round 2:This is the Group Fly Round and everyone was giving one same question and 30 minutes to solve it on paper with pen.

“Given an array print all subsets except null which sums up to given sum”

The key is to write the code efficiently and neatly and you need to write algorithm also along with comments to explain the code. Interact as much as possible with the mentor.

After this round 25 students were selected for P.I.

Round 3:Technical Round 1

1.The Interviewer was very calm and asked me about myself and had a little discussion about my hobbies.

Later he asked me about my projects and had a great discussion about it.

Then he asked me to improvise the approach of the question given in group fly round, I wasn’t able to do that,

Later he asked me about OOPs Concepts and principles and Asked me to create queue using stacks.

Round 4 : Technical Round 2

1.The interviewer asked directly about my projects and later give a problem to solve

Later, during discussion about my Web Development project, he asked me to design the system for YOUTUBE like websites. I did struggle at first but he cleared my doubts and I was able to satisfy him with my answer.


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