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Microsoft-IDC Interview Experience-SDE profile (on-campus for FTE)

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Microsoft visited NIT Jalandhar on 6th August, 2018 for hiring. approximately 250 students were eligible for 1st round. 

Round 1: (coding round) (75 MINUTES)It was conducted on cocubes platform. there were different sets of questions and every set had three questions. I got following questions: 

  1. Given a string find the number of occurrences of regex’ 10*1′.
  2. given a condition that only odd-numbered cars can be used on odd-numbered days and even-numbered cars can be used on even-numbered days. you are given an array of car numbers and a date, find out the number of cars that can be used.

I was able to solve two questions and I was selected for next round. 70 students were selected for next round. 

Round 2:(Group fly)  (30 MINUTES)This round was pen and paper round.All students were given a question and we need to write algorithm as well as code on paper. write neat code and properly explain your algorithm. question is given below: 

25 students were selected for next round. 

Round 3:(technical interview) Interviewer first asked me to explain my projects. One of my projects was on jdbc so he asked me a query on sql related to it. Explain your projects properly and confidently. Then he asked me below question: 

I answered this question and wrote the code. Then he asked me to develop test cases for this questions. I found out the cases where a solution to this question may fail. Then he asked me questions on OOPS concepts (inheritance, difference between class and  objects, etc) 

I was shortlisted for the next round. 

Round 4:(technical interview) Interviewer asked me for brief description of my projects. Then he asked me to tell the approach which i used in group fly round. I had used Dynamic programming. Then he asked me to find more optimized way as dp was using a lot of space for a large amount of numbers. So I tried recursion and he said it will use lot of time. so I tried sorting and some more approaches like trees etc. 

Then he asked me a question that there are aeroplanes landing and taking off. we need to construct a system which will ensure collision-free landings and taking offs. I told an approach using semaphores. He discussed this approach in depth and then said that in aviation what will be the factors considered for collision then I said that we will check speed, angles, etc. He was checking how much pressure I can handle and in such pressure how much I can think. Then he asked me about normalisation, denormalisation, OOPS concepts like real-life significance of objects, what is the real life example of linked list. 

I was shortlisted for the next round. 

Round 5(HR+technical) Interviewer asked me the following questions: 

  1. tell me about yourself –  projects
  2. strength
  3. weakness
  4. how your weakness effects you
  5. what do you know about microsoft (its products)
  6. machine learning
  7. cloud computing
  8. benefits of cloud
  9. where do you see yourself after 5 years?

8 students were selected for Microsoft and I was one of them. Geeksforgeeks helped me a lot to achieve this.

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Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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