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Microsoft Interview Experience for SDE intern

Last Updated : 05 Apr, 2024
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Microsoft visited our college for Internships and FTE offers during the month of July end. I was in my third year of college at that time so I was eligible to apply for internships.

There were 4 Rounds.

First round-Online assessment on Codility platform.(Coding round)

Second round-Technical 

Third round- Technical

Fourth Round-Project Discussion+HR

The First Round-

The first round was taken on the Codility platform. Two questions were given to solve in a limited time. First question was based on subarrays which could be solved using concept of map and prefix sum.

Question link-

The second question was based on greedy approach. It had a very long problem statement but after understanding the problem statement one could come up with a greedy strategy. I was able to solve both the questions.

After few days the results were out and I got selected for the next round of interview.

The Second Round-

The second round was purely a Technical round. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and then asked a few technical questions to solve. He asked me to share my code with him so that he could see my approach. The first question he asked was given an array, find two numbers which add upto a given sum. I first gave the brute force solution(O(n2)) and then optimized it using two pointer approach(O(nlogn) and finally came up with a more optimized solution using map.(O(n)). He was satisfied with my answer. Then he asked the next question which was also based on arrays. Given an array and a target sum, find whether the target sum can be achieved or not. I first solved it using recursion and then optimized it using Dynamic programming(bottom up approach).

Question link 1-

Question link 2-

After an hour I was contacted by the placement cell that I have cleared the second round.

The Third Round-

The third round was also a Technical round. But unlike the previous round, in this round the interviewer asked me questions from topics like OOPS and OS. He asked me a situational question were he asked me about which variables to make private , public and protected. He asked me about page faults in OS. Then he asked me few questions about Machine learning. Then he asked me how to design a self driving car. What all variables and minute details must be taken care of while designing it. Then the interview got over.

I received a call from my placement cell that I have been selected for the final round.

The Fourth Round-

The fourth round was related to project discussion and HR questions. I was asked about which projects I have worked on till now, which languages I am proficient on. Then the interviewer asked me about the importance of working as a team. Then she asked me if I had some questions for her and then the interview winded up.

After few hours I got a call from my placement cell that I have been selected for the internship role at Microsoft.

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