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  • Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2019
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Round 1: It was  an online coding round on the basis  of which  7 were shortlisted out of 200.

It  was 2 hour challenge and 3 coding questions not exactly same but they were variations of these only



3. This was recursion problem.

Round 2: 

There was no introduction at all  from both the sides, he  directly gave me the question which was phrased as “Find the sum of all paths from each node to every other node in a given binary tree.”

It was not that tough question i told him  my logic in around 15 min but at the end of one hour i was ready and complete with my code but there was a minute  error in my code which was correct in logic though.

there was not exact question i can find out  but below given is more  or less on the same lines.

Round 3:

I didn’t find  this question anywhere, it was really great question i solved it completely with perfect code.

You  have vector of k pairs and m*n chocolate bar you have to  divide the chocolate bar such that each piece of that bar is of dimension from that k pairs only, also if you have pair  like (1, 2) then 1*2 and 2*1 both dimensions are allowed, at one time you have to divide any present piece by single complete horizontally cut or vertical  cut  now after dividing like this what will be the minimum non divisible dimensions of chocolate left.

I solved it in an hour or so and he was very happy with my code also. After that only 2 people were selected for the next round.

Round 4: This was the final round and i  thought there can be some  HR questions or maybe based on my projects but it was completely coding based interview but other student was asked much about web development questions so  it  depends  on who the interviewer is.

i remember one of the questions that was very standard



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