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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 May, 2021

Round 1:

  1. Given a string of 1’s and 2’s, standing at index ‘i’, you can move exactly two steps forward or backward if s[i] == 2, else you can move one step forward or backward if s[i] ==1.

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    A string is called a good string if you can reach the end of the string by moving every index exactly once.

    Now, you have been given two Strings A and B (not necessarily good), you have to return the number of possible sub-sequences of swaps available, such that both the strings become good.

    Swap means you can swap A[i] with B[i].


    A = 2211
    B = 1111
    ans = 8

Round 2:

  1. Maximum square sub-matrix in a matrix having sum equal to ‘K’

Round 3:

  1. There is a stream of URLs coming with their time stamps. Create a dashboard that will return K’s most frequent URLs in the last one hour.
  2. Given a rectangle with one edge of a diagonal at (0,0) and another diagonal at (l, b). The rectangle has N points representing the center of circles of radius R. You are at (0,0) and can move in any direction, with any distance, and at any angle, provided you can’t move out the rectangle, neither you can touch any of the circles, can you move to the point (l, b). (Circles can overlap, and they can have some area outside the rectangle)
  3. Indexing
  4. Difference between Mutex and Semaphore
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