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MathWorks EDG Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021

Interview Experience -Mathworks-EDG-OnCampus-FTE + 6Months Internship

Hello there! Mathworks visited my college on 10 Aug 2021 for hiring both FTE and internship positions. Out of two tracks(Computer Science or Core Engineering), we had to choose one. It had total of 5 rounds which are as follows

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Round 1(Written-90 Mins): First round had 4 sections –

  1. Aptitude(Math)
  2. Technical (OS,DBMS,OOPS)
  3. Two programming sections-C,C++,Java (Any two)
  4. Two Coding Ques-, second ques I do not remember.

All shortlisted students qualified for the next rounds. PPT was shown by them which is very important as they ask questions based on that ppt in their next rounds. Following each round was a knockout round and anyone can get any round in any order.

Round 2(GD-15Mins): Topic Given- Is there a need for more new IITs in India-For/Against. We were a group of four and had a good conversation about the topic. At the end, he gave us 10 sec to summarise points individually.

Round 3(HR-45 Mins): HR was very friendly.

  1. Did you eat your breakfast? What was it?
  2. Introduce Yourself?
  3. What did you understand from the ppt?
  4. Your biggest success?
  5. Any Failures? How did you handle it? What did you learn from it?
  6. Preferred location-Hyderabad/Bangalore-Why?
  7. From where have you done your schooling?
  8. Any situation where you had a communication problem with your teammate. How did you handle it?
  9. Any questions for me?
  10. And other HR questions too.

Round 4(Managerial-30 Mins): He said this is not an interview, just a conversation to know you 

  1. Tell me about yourself apart from what is mentioned in your resume.
  2. Tell me about your internships?
  3. Which internship did you like more and why?
  4. Why not go for Higher education? (As I had good academics score)
  5. Have to taken any big risk in your life and failed? How you handled it?
  6. What is your understanding of EDG program?
  7. Any problems with your team member (negative)..what was your reaction?
  8. What would your close friends say(He even said not those “Just friends wale”) say you should improve or work on?
  9. Any Questions for me?

Round 5(Technical-30 Mins):

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Explain any two of your projects.
  3. Rate yourself -C, C++
  4. Rate yourself-OS, DBMS, OOPs.
  5. Coding Ques 1- find sum of all leaf nodes in a binary tree-not pseudo code. Do dry run-optimize it.
  6. Coding Ques 2- find number of islands in a matrix-simple dfs.
  7. what is run time polymorphism? Explain with written example (code).
  8. output-based ques- based on copy constructors-specific-deep copy, shallow copy.
  9. output-based ques- based on struct and objects.
  10. Any ques for me.
  11. How is your college life going?


3 students were given fte+6 months internship and 5 students got selected as interns.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Every round was in Microsoft teams. Check if it is working both in-app and browser mode.
  2. If the interviewer seems friendly be in a conversation rather than interrogation.
  3. Be yourself. If you need more clarification pls ask questions.
  4. Do not write shortcuts in code-eg(if (!root))-instead write-if(root!=NULL).
  5. Remember that pre-placement talk-(PPT) is important.

P.S -This was not my first interview. I got rejected by more than 5 companies before. Don’t lose hope, learn from each placement drive and be positive. Do not underestimate yourself.

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