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Maskphish – Hide Phishing Link Behind Real Domain

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  • Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2021
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Maskphish tool is used to hide the phishing links or URL behind the original link. This tool is a free and open-source tool you can download this tool from Github. This tool can perform social engineering attacks on victims. This tool can hide all types of URL links such as ngrok links. Maskphish is a very useful tool and easy to use. This tool is written in bash language. This tool is a bash script. The tool gives you the flexibility in order to use the tool according to requirements. This tool is a lightweight tool means small. You can add a custom URL behind the original URL of the phishing link. This tool is developed by the JayKali group of ethical hackers. Maskphish is available as a console script. The user interface of this tool is very similar to Metasploitable 1 and Metasploitable 2 which makes it easy to use. 



Features and uses of Maskphish :-

  • Maskphish is a free tool. This means you don’t have to pay any amount to the developers. You can download this tool free of cost.
  • Maskphish is open source tool. This means its source code is available you can contribute to the tool.
  • Maskphish hides the phishing link into the original link.
  • Maskphish is a tool that is used to hide the ngrok<links> to the original links of the websites.
  • Maskphish tool can convert a phishing link to a normal web link like Google or YouTube.
  • Maskphish tool is a very simple and easy tool.
  • Maskphish tool is a lightweight tool. This does not take extra space.
  • Maskphish is written in bash language.

Installation and step-by-step tutorial of Maskphish tool:-

Step 1. Open your Kali Linux operating system. Move to desktop. Here you have to create a directory called Maskphish. In this directory, you have to install the tool.

To move to the desktop use the following command.

cd Desktop

move to desktop

Step 2. Now you are on the desktop. Here you have to create a directory called Maskphish. To create Maskphish directory use the following command.

mkdir Maskphish

create directory maskphish

Step 3. You have created a directory. Now use the following command to move into that directory.

cd Maskphish

change directory to maskphish

Step 4. Now you are in Maskphish directory. In this directory you have to download the tool means you have to clone the tool from Github. Use the following command to clone the tool from Github.

git clone

cloning maskphish

Step 5. The tool has been downloaded in the directory Maskphish. Now to list out the contents of the tool that has been downloaded use the following command.


directory listing

Step 6. When you listed out the contents of the tool you can see that a new directory has been generated by the tool that is maskphish. You have to move to this directory to view the contents of the tool. To move in this directory using the following command.

cd maskphish

move to maskphish

Step 7. To list out the contents of this directory using the following command.


directory listing

Step 8. Now you can run the tool using the following command.  This command will open the help menu of the tool.


running maskphish tool

Step 9. Now the tool is asking for a phishing link that you generated using any phishing link generator copy that links from that tool and paste that link to here.

pasting the link for phising

Step 10. Now you have to give the link that you want to be shown to the victim.

Step 11. We have taken here. We want must be shown to the victim that’s we have taken this. We also want to give social engineering words like we are given to get followers.

Step 12.  Press enter and then the link will be generated.

You can see an Instagram link has been generated by the tool. You can send this link to the victim. Similarly, you can use the tool to attack your victim. 

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