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LPAD() Function in MySQL

  • Last Updated : 21 Jun, 2021

LPAD() function in MySQL is used to pad or add a string to the left side of the original string. 

Syntax : 

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LPAD(str, len, padstr)

Parameter : This function accepts three parameter as mentioned above and described below – 

  • str – 
    The actual string which is to be padded. If the length of the original string is larger than the len parameter, this function removes the overfloating characters from string. 


  • len – 
    This is the length of a final string after the left padding. 


  • padstr – 
    String that to be added to the left side of the Original Str. 


Returns : It returns a new string of length len after padding. 

Example-1 : Applying LPAD() Function to a string to get a new padded string. 

SELECT LPAD("geeksforgeeks", 20, "*") AS LeftPaddedString;

Output : 



Example-2 : Applying LPAD() Function to a string when the original string is larger than the len parameter. 

SELECT LPAD("geeksforgeeks", 10, "*") AS LeftPaddedString;

Output : 



Example-3 : LPAD Function can also be used to add a string for column data. To demonstrate create a table named Student. 


Student_name VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
Student_Class VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY(Student_id )

Now inserting some data to the Student table : 

(Student_name, Student_Class)
('Ananya Majumdar', 'IX'),
('Anushka Samanta', 'X'),
('Aniket Sharma', 'XI'),
('Anik Das', 'X'),
('Riya Jain', 'IX'),
('Tapan Samanta', 'X');

So, the Student Table is as follows. 


1Ananya MajumdarIX
2Anushka SamantaX
3Aniket SharmaXI
4Anik DasX
5Riya JainIX
6Tapan SamantaX

Now, we are going to add some string to every string presented in the Student_Class column. 


SELECT Student_id, Student_name,
LPAD(Student_Class, 10, ' _') AS LeftPaddedString
FROM Student;

Output : 


1Ananya Majumdar_ _ _ _IX
2Anushka Samanta_ _ _ _ X
3Aniket Sharma_ _ _ _XI
4Anik Das_ _ _ _X
5Riya Jain_ _ _ _IX
6Tapan Samanta_ _ _ _ X


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