Livspace Interview Experience | Frontend SDE-I (Bangalore)

Position : SDE I (Frontend)
Location : Bangalore, India.
Date : 14th December, 2019.

Round 1:

Design game, Snake and Its Food (Ball) from old Nokia phones, with boundaries, asked me the approach and how would I optimise it along with all edge cases. The interviewer was helpful whenever I got stuck.

Round 2:

In this round interviewer asked me javascript and browser related questions. Here are some of the questions i remember,

  • Explain what happens when we enter in URL, how does data is fetched, how DOM and CSSOM tree are made and manipulated. How final page is painted. What are the side effects of defer and async scripts and their pros and cons.
  • What is Closure, how do we use it? Give suitable examples to justify your answer.
  • Different types of scope in Javascript and risks of using var/let/const in different scenarios. Here is one example:
for (let i = 0; i< 10; i++) {

 setTimeout(() => {

for (var i = 0; i< 10; i++) {
 setTimeout(() => {




  • Javascript execution flow, Difference between microtask and macrotask.
  • Difference between Debounce and Throttle.
  • Redux related questions. Pros and Cons of uni-directional dataflow.
  • Importance of Pure Components in React.

Round 3:

This round was to know basic understanding for choosing different data structures and approaches to solve any problem. There were no true or false answers in this round. Interviewer asked me to Design Snake and Ledger game. Asked me to code on pen and paper, including all functions and lifecycle hooks as i chose to code in React.

Round 4:

It was a Hiring Manager round. Asked questions about cutting edge technology in market and my ability to pick up any of them. Also, asked questions about previous organisations and what type of working environment i would call ideal. 

Round 5 :

HR Round : Final round (You already know much about it).

Overall interview experience was good and stressful obviously they asked me to design two games without my any prior preparation. Interviewers were helpful and smart, I must say. Don’t tell a lie in the interview, they will easily get it and give you counter questions, which will eventually fail you in the end, just say that i don’t know and ask them to go to the next question, they will judge you on your good answers and ability to prove yourself, not wrong answers but at least you have to have a basic understanding of Javascript, Browser, HTML, CSS and Any of frontend technologies famous in market (React, Vue.js, Angular, etc…)

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