Livspace Interview Experience for SDE-II

I was referred by one of the employees of Livspace. Received call from HR within a week for onsite interview.

Round 1:  First round was mainly focused on algorithms. I was asked 2 questions 

  • Find item in rotated array. [Binary search operation]
  • Longest repeating substring in string. [Memoization issue]

Round 2: Second round was JS related interview mainly framework related problems 

  • AngularJs digest cycles
  • Two way data-binding
  • Given a website platform : Consolidated view for uber, ola etc site in one application.  – design FE logic around it, including routing, promise http calls.
  • Module wise code structuring of above website in angular8
  • Page load optimization [Minification, Uglification JS Css and image optimization]
  • Service worker discussion, its uses in browser.

It was a long discussion.

Round 3:  Third round was JS-UI and puzzle related interview: 

  • Write logic in js :  sum(1)(2)(3)(4) == 10   
  •  Extend to infinite nested function call(recursion and currying)
  •  sum(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)……(n)     == x
  • CSS related problem 
  • Event delegation in js [Event bubbling and capturing].
  • Website rendering in browsers [DOM creation and CSSOM]

Round 4:  Fourth round was basically related to design

  • Design snake-ladder game [Focused on class based categorization]
  • Few FE logic to implement the game
  • Implementing Dice Random function . [Lengthy DISCUSSION but interesting]

Round 5: HM Round

  • Focused mainly on projects and livspace work culture.

Finally received an offer letter within a week.

Perks: Livspace offers a good work life balance, good salaries, amazing work environment and a well-stuffed pantry. More importantly, you’ll get to work on the latest tech-stack here. Also, WFH is allowed. 

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