Kony Labs Interview Experience

Round 1: First round was an online test in which they asked Aptitude, Reasoning and Technical Question (OOP concepts, basics of C programming, O.S, Networking, SQL Query, DBMS) followed by a coding round consist of 2 Question.The Questions was not tough and not very easy also.

Round 2: After round 1 those who were selected for the next round which was a pen-paper test. they have given one question and sufficient time was given to solve that question.

Move all negative numbers to beginning and positive to end with constant extra space O(1) using linked list.

Round 3: After round 2 those who got selected in pen-paper round was interviewed.
Asked Questions were:

  1. Tell me about your self!
  2. Postorder Traversal of a tree without using recursion(write code snippet).
  3. It was a simple but tricky problem statement(String handling).
  4. Implement Integer.parseInt() function using ascii value.

Round 4:

Asked Questions were:

  1. The first interviewer again asked, “tell me about your self”.
  2. Rotate a matrix 90 degree anticlockwise without using extra space.
  3. Write code to check the two given no. (one in binary and other in hexadecimal) are equal or not.

Round 5: It was (Tech+Hr)

  1. The interviewer again asked, “tell me about your self”.
  2. Describe any one of your projects.
  3. Some counter questions from the project.
  4. Question about Process and Thread.
  5. Describe the Race Condition.
  6. How two processes communicate and how two threads communicate.

Got selected.

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