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KLA Tencor Interview Experience | Set 3

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2018

Round 1

Online test on HackerRank contains 2 Coding Questions
1. Given a image represented as 2d array of 0 and 1, find the size of the biggest cluster in the image.
Cluster one or more adjunct cell with 1 is cluster. Even in a single cell which surrounded by all 0 will be clustered.
Adjacent cell : cell on left, right, top and bottom diagonal cells are not considered for cluster.
Size-of-Cluster: number of 1 in the cluster


2. Given a 2D char array[m][n] and a word w[k], you need to find all the occurrences of w in array could be appeared in row(left, right) col(top, bottom) and in any diagonals.


(0, 0, horizontal)
(2, 0, horizontal)
(2, 0, vertical)
(1, 0, diagonal)

Round 2
This is a 1-hour telephonic interview.
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Discussion on constructor/instructor
3. Memory leak.
4. Virtual function some more cpp questions.
5. Discussion on core dump, corruption, how handle all these scenarios.
6. Discussion on mallow(), new().
7. Find the k most frequent words from a file.

Round 3
This is a 1-hour telephonic interview.

1. Discussion on my current project in depth.
2. Leaders in an array
3. Find the Number Occurring Odd Number of Times
4. Design a contact app for android.(mostly focus on efficient algorithm).

Round 4

Face To Face Interview on Programming Questions Explain on Paper (1-hour)

1. Discussion on my current project in depth.
2. Clone a linked list with next and random pointer (all possible approach).
3. Find the middle of a given linked list
4. Reverse a linked list
5. Given a number N you need make it to 0 by subtracting K or 1 from N, but condition is you need select K in such a way that after subtracting K the result should be
factored of N.
example N = 10 that first K=5 after subtracting K from N 10-5=5 hence 5 is factors of 10.
Find minimum number of substation operation to make it 0.
6. Some more questions on array and linked list.

Round 5
Face To Face Interview on Programming Questions Explain on Paper (1-hour)
This round was taken by a senior folk.

1. Given a image in the form of 2D array of numbers. You need to corrupt that images and return.
Condition for corruption is the element at index [x][y] should contain average of surrounding numbers.
6789 –here in place of 7 –> 4

2. Next Greater Element

Round 6

Face To Face Interview on Design and OOPS(1- hour).
This round was taken by a manager.

1. Design class diagram for coffee machine.(with all possible classes object, functions and type of data)
Most focus on object interaction.

Round 7

This round was taken by a senior manager.

1. Tell me about your self, your family and all?.
2. What is the one thing that can make you stay with KLA Tencor?
3. Design ola/uber cost estimation functionality Focus on Factory design pattern.
4. More HR related questions.

Round 8

This round was based on Behavioral Skills taken by senior HR Manager.
1. Tell me about your self.
2. Why KLA Tencor.
3. More HR related questions.

I prepared mostly from GeeksforGeeks and I want to say thanks to the content writers of Geeks for providing the best solutions. This is one of the best sites.
1. Mostly Focus on algorithm, How efficient you can write algorithm.
2. Also Focus on system design questions. For getting some Idea or to start with system design question refer to below given link.
3. To begin with design pattern refer below given link to start with.
4. Ask questions at the end of your interview to the interviewers.
5. Before start writing the code try to explain your algorithm.

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