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Juspay Internship Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2021

Recently Juspay opened up various opportunities for freshers for an Internship period of 6 months and later to full-time roles. The short-listing was done after 5 rounds of the Hiring Process.

Round 1: Coding Test

Platform: D2C

We were given 3 Graph-based Questions to solve & the duration was 1.5 hrs. The questions were of medium-hard level. I solved 2 questions completely and 2-3 test cases passed from the 3rd question.

Round 2: Tree Of Space Challenge

The test was conducted on the HackerEarth platform and the test duration was of 3 hours. Nearly 59 students were selected for Round 3.


Round 3: Coding Test

Duration: 1.5 hrs

There was a brief introduction from the Juspay Team where they spoke about the Company’s aim & vision. Later, we were given 3 questions to solve on the D2C platform 

  1. Arrays: Question was based on Binary Search
  2. String: No. of characters to be removed to convert the given string to “Juspay”
  3. Tree

I was able to crack this round and finally entered into the much-awaited Learnathon Round.

Round 4: Learnathon 

I was asked to join a slack channel & was introduced to a buddy who would help me in this round. It had 2 questions.

  1. The challenge was based on API Testing & I had to work on Postman & Solve 3 Challenges under this section. This was really difficult for me as I had never worked on Postman earlier. Nevertheless, I read some documentation & even my mentor was extremely good. He kept me motivated throughout the day & I could actually solve this, So the challenge started in the morning & went on till night (around 10 pm)
  2. Part 2 has two sections & I had the choice of solving either 1. So I picked the question which was based on handling & suggesting test-cases on Automated Refunds.

After a day I got a call from the HR Team saying that You have been invited to attend the final HR Round tonight at 9 pm.

Final Round:

The duration of the Interview with the 2 Interviewers was 1 hr. We started at 9 pm & the Interview got ended around 10:15 pm. 

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • Then he jumped directly into Postman & asked various test-cases on the project that I worked on in my Learnathon Round.
  • Then we had a discussion about the projects that I did during my 3 yrs of college life. I even showed them the demo of the App that I did. They appreciated the project & asked few questions which I could answer.
  • Later they asked about how things work in Gmail & all in the backend where I got stuck. However, Both the interviewers were really peaceful and I appreciate the fact that they were explaining to me the answers wherever I got stuck.
  • Then there was a couple of Questions like “Isha” in college, Hobbies, etc.
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • Do you like Travelling?
  • Do you have any questions for us?

Overall, I had really great experience. I learned a lot during these days of the Interview process. The Interviewers & mentors were really good and they kept me motivated throughout the process. So, all I would suggest is “Never Give Up” even if you are new to things & “Be Confident” throughout the Interview process.

Result: Selected

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