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Is It Worth Learning Golang in 2024?

Last Updated : 08 Mar, 2024
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For those who don’t know, Golang is an open-source programming language, developed by Rob Pike, Ken Thomson, and Robert Griesemer at Google. It was first introduced back in 2012 & since then many updations have come in year by year.

Now, if you’re wondering in the era of Python, Java, and C++, how come Golang comes into play? Then wait for the answer. Firstly, Golang is popularly known for its speed and accuracy which makes it a preferred choice among developers. Secondly, the syntax of Golang is similar to that of C programming. Additionally, some other features like its runtime environment, garbage collection, and concurrency approach are among those factors that make it more likable among developers. 


Now, in this article, we’re going to discuss some of the key factors that justify why is it worth learning Golang in 2024.

So, let’s begin!

1. Golang is Attracting Remarkable Job Opportunities

Job opportunities won’t only make you responsible but also open the doors to your self-respect, prosperity, and well-being. With Golang, you may expect an already created solid foundation for your success rate. In addition, companies like Alibaba, Intel, Medium, and even Uber are accepting it wholeheartedly. This is possible to overthink the fact that Go Language is gaining popularity, but it is indeed true as per various standard survey reports. And there are other companies too who are much more confident in offering positions like Golang developer, analyst, or Golang intern. Furthermore, the reason that this language is gaining popularity is that it has successfully been able to create such a landscape from where the aspirants can reach milestones by investing a small portion of time from their lives.

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2. Golang Can Make You a Well-Paid Freelancer

A well-paid freelancer is someone who actually isn’t bound to a 9-5 timeframe. With various freelancing opportunities either in web development or any other field, it is possible to become more prosperous within a shorter span. Now, you may think how would we be checking if Golang can make me a real-good freelancer? more prosperous Here, you must take a look at Upwork’s portal as on average, a Golang freelancer like a developer or an analyst can get more than 40 dollars [per hour].  

3. Golang is Strengthening the Foundations of Google Cloud

Many of us aren’t unaware that Golang [or Go Language] is “get the better off” for Google. This indicates that the designing, development, and maintenance of cloud platforms invented by Google can be managed with Golang. Preferably, Google Cloud is something everybody knows and this has become mandatory for us either for collaborating with clients or streamlining processes of various assigned projects. From keeping the formatting styles of your projects simpler to massively scaling their performances, all those things are catered to well by Golang developers.  

Golang is something that has triggered Google employees to know more about its robustness and time-saving mechanisms. With such eagerness, this famous search engine is now planning to hire more candidates who can manage Google Cloud. The job will be like re-using the existing code or expanding the existing assets so that the business dimensions may be expanded.  

4. Golang Syntax is Simple and Not Impose Complex Structures

Though the fundamentals of Golang are inherited from the C language, you won’t feel frustrated writing the codes. Convincingly, Go codes are strictly against the acceptance of complex design structures since there are no classes like C. You can modify the code anytime and anywhere since inheritance is neither applicable nor expected in its source documentation. And many of the tech aspirants may feel confused regarding the fact, “Is Golang worth learning?” For them, it is necessary to note the fact that the Go language is the right to choose. Its code is clean, considerably easier, and highly specialized in enhancing the readability of the projects potentially capable of driving result-oriented outcomes.

5. Golang Supports Multi/Multiple Core Usage

Multi/multiple cores mean adding more cores to your computer hardware. This is necessary because, with that, you can expect your hardware to perform well for managing or working on several applications. Undoubtedly, there are many programming languages like Spark, Python, and Ruby on Rails supporting multi-core. But with those, you may or may not expect that they will perform brilliantly if the cores [i.e. the number of seats increases from 4 to 8] are increased. If you are working with Go, you can expertly say that work performance is never declining whether the project is demanding Hexa, Quad, or Octa-Core.  

6. Golang Can Potentially Showcase Concurrency

Concurrency is that principle on which many programming languages rely. It means letting the system perform more than 1 task at a timeframe. In Golang, routines and subroutines are something on which code execution and its efficiency are dependent. There are two models supporting Golang’s concurrency a) multi-thread [processes can smoothly share space plus resources] and second, CSP [communicating sequences can use the channels well]. You will find concurrency in Python or Java, but this is limited to 1000 threads [max]. While in Golang, the threads or sequences executed at a single instance are up to a million[s]. With such a commendable efficiency in handling requests, it is obvious that the speed of performing tasks at a given frame can be doubled, tripled, or quadrupled.  

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The above reasons are among the top justifications on why you should give a shot at learning the Go language in 2024 not only to build a robust system but also to diversify your learning experience and boost your learning curve.

FAQs on Is It Worth Learning Golang in 2024?

Is Golang easy to learn?

Yes! Golang’s syntax is simpler than C++, making it easier to learn, especially for beginners.

Is Golang good for freelancing?

Absolutely! Golang developers are in high demand, with freelancers earning over $40/hour on platforms like Upwork.

Is Golang good for cloud development?

Yes! Golang is a core language for Google Cloud, making it ideal for building and maintaining scalable cloud infrastructure.

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