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Introduction To FoxPro

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FoxPro is programming language as well as it develops an application development environment. It is also Database Manager. It is also called Relational Database Management System because of its various features.

It has various different tools which helps in development and design of applications in very easy way. It also provides platform for new databases and to perform new tasks on that databases.

In earlier times, this language is used to be most powerful and most used language and database manager. But with the time, many new languages, database, programming and many softwares were developed. Nowadays, this language is not used much but still it is most powerful language and database management system.


The version 2.5 of FoxPro and versions released after it is can be worked on Windows and DOS operating system. With Graphical User Interface, graphical forms can also be done on FoxPro.

Visual Foxpro, the successor to Foxpro programming, is often used for application development.

Features of FoxPro :

  • It acts as Interactive Database Manager.
  • It acts as programming language.
  • It acts as Application Development Environment.
  • Creating database
  • Adding/Removing data from database.
  • Editing existing data.

Advantages :

  • Provides the object-oriented programming syntax.
  • Visual Tools
  • Supports multimedia database.
  • Inexpensive

Disadvantages :

  • No low-level programming can be done.
  • Scalability of database.
  • It has character mode only.

Data Types used in FoxPro :

  • Character –
    A-Z, a-z, or any arithmetic operation, maximum of 250 characters can be stored and default width for the same is 10.

  • Number –
    It is used to store numerical values, can store decimal values not exceeding 20.
  • Float –
    It is used to store floating values. Default width is 10.
  • Date –
    It is used to store the date. By default, its width is 10 characters.
  • Logical –
    It is used to store the Boolean Values like true/false and yes/no.
  • Memo –
    It is special type of data-type in which large amount of text, images, sound, audio, video etc can be stored. It is powerful data-type because when we store any data, it stores the data in different file, whose files extension is .fpt.
  • General –
    It has same characteristics as Memo and with that it can handle and store much larger data in word processing systems. The advantage of this data-type is we can increase the size and can store large amount of data.
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Last Updated : 02 Oct, 2022
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