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Interview Experience with Swiggy

Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2015
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Swiggy is a fast growing startup, based out of Bangalore. I recently interviewed there for the post of SDE-1 and would love to share my interview experience.

First Round: Machine Coding
(One question, 60 min I guess)
Had to write ‘complete, bug-free’ code on our laptops, language of our choice

Given multiple tuples in the form of (A,B) where A is the parent and B is the child in a binary tree, find if the input is valid or not. 4 error conditions were provided:
1. If a parent has more than 2 children,
2. If duplicate tuples entered,
3. If the tree has a cycle,
4. If more than one root possible.

For violation of multiple validity conditions, print the condition coming first in the above order.
If the input is valid, print the tree in a serial representation. For eg: If input is (A,B), (B,C), (A,D), (C,E) , output: (A(B(C(E)))(D))

Second Round: F2F Interview

1. Explain the code from the machine coding round. The guy made me run the code on an online compiler to have a look at the errors, and then ran some test cases as well.
2. Detailed discussion about previous experience. Had to explain my work in the current company end-to-end.
3. A question on arrays: Given an array, print all possible contiguous subsequences whose sum is divisible by a given number x.

Third Round: F2F Interview

1. Detailed discussion about current company, work, etc.
2. Implement LRU cache. Didn’t make me write the code, but discussed in detail about all possible data structures that could be used, complexities of different operations in different implementations.
3. Given a server that has a 900 MB file and a client that has a maximum available space of 100MB, sort the file on the client.

Fourth Round: Discussion with the co-founder

Had a nice little chat with the co-founder about the work, culture, their vision, etc. Seemed quite impressive.

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