Swiggy Interview experience for SDE-3

Round 1 (Machine Coding Round): 

First-round was an assignment round where I was supposed to implement a website similar to https://8tracks.com/. The requirement was to design CRUD Apis in language of your choice and display the top 10 trending tracks.

The evaluation was done on the basis of low-level database design, Code correctness, & Unit tests coverage. Interviewer expected working code and also asked for a demo.

Round 2 (Problem Solving):

  1. Given an infinite stream of integers arriving in a sorted manner, check if a number is present in the stream
  2. Given a string of the form abc{1}p{2}, expand the string. Remove the numbers, & repeat the string before the number as many times as the number enclosed in {}
    1. Input – ab{2}c  Output –  ababc
    2. Input – xy{2}bd{2} Output – xyxybdxyxybd
    3. Input – a{3}b{2} Output – aaabaaab

Round 3 (System Design):

The round was focussed on High-level System Design. I was asked to design a System which could register the users and the users could perform operations like file upload. The system should authenticate the users and every user should have different permissions on various operations.

High-level components like Load Balancer, Application & Web servers were expected. Also, the interviewer expected APIs to be exposed. Further, there were questions focussing on Consistency/Availability & Caching.

Round 4 (Hiring Manager Round): 

The round was a Technical discussion with the Hiring Manager and focussed on Tech related concepts such as Networking, OS Fundamentals, Concurrency, & Databases. Few of the questions which I couldn’t answer were

  1. What is the difference between Concurrent Programming & Parallel Programming
  2.  What is Two-Phase Commit
  3. What are signal handlers in OS? And what happens when you perform a kill -9 on a process
  4. When to use Asynchronous vs Synchronous programming in Microservices

Overall, it was a great experience and all the interviews went smoothly. Also, the interviewers were enthusiastic and giving hints whenever I was stuck. I turned down the offer as I already had an offer from a different company.

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