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Interesting Facts about Computer Viruses

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A Computer Virus is malicious software or Malware which has capacity to affect computer data, by corrupting or destroying it. When computer virus is executed inside a computer, it replicates itself, modifies other program’s code, and inserts its own code. Viruses have potential to produce unexpected damage to system, like corrupting or destroying software data.

 Signs of Computer Viruses :

  1. Increase in frequency of pop-up windows.
  2. Sending mass emails from your email account.
  3. Frequent crashes and hanging of system.
  4. Unusual degradation in computer performance.
  5. Unusual activities like password changes.
  6. Running of unwanted or unknown programs that startup when you turn on your computer.

Type of Computer Viruses :

  • Boot sector virus
  • Web scripting virus
  • Browser hijacker
  • Resident virus
  • Direct action virus
  • File infector virus
  • Multipartite virus
  • Polymorphic virus
  • Macro virus

Here are some facts about Computer Viruses that may amaze you :

  • The first polymorphic computer virus was Tequila (1991).
  • In March 2005, first smartphone virus named “Commwarrior-A” came to existence.
  • Viruses can be written in many programming languages like Assembly language, C language, etc.
  • Facebook will pay 500$ to person, who will find a vulnerability in its system.
  • In 1990, Symantec launched its first Norton Antivirus.
  • Before development of computer networks, many viruses were transferred using floppy disks.
  • WinVer 1.4 was first Windows virus, Groove was first .exe file and Farooq Alvi brothers created first boot virus.
  • Studies show author of malicious software is typically a male, between 14 and 25 years of age.
  • In January 2004, Mydoom virus infected almost a quarter-million computers in a day.
  • In January 2007, a worm named “Storm” infected around 50 million computers by October.
  • People are unaware that 90% of e-mails contain some type of Malware.
  • More than 6000 new computer viruses are created and released every month.
  • The most expensive computer virus of all time was MyDoom, it caused 38.5 billion$ of damages.
  • In 1990, there were only 50 known computer viruses but now there are more than 48, 000 viruses.
  • It is observed that virus writers start by writing codes as children to test programming skills until it reaches dangerous level.
  • The most viral computer virus ever is “I love”.
  • In spite of having a large number of security programs and security methods, there is not a single anti-virus that can detect and clean all types of viruses.
  • In many countries like Germany, Finland it is illegal to write a computer virus program.
  • On records, US is at highest risk of being attacked by computer viruses followed by Russia.
  • Amazon has faced most phishing attacks followed by Apple and eBay.
  • Michelangelo was worst ever MS-DOS virus.
  • In 1999, a powerful micro virus is known as “Melissa” forced Microsoft and other big against to shut down their mail system.
  • Email malware gets activated only when you click on a malicious link or infected attachment, not by reading emails.
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Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2022
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