Insert value in sorted way in a sorted doubly linked list

Given a sorted doubly linked list and a value to insert, write a function to insert the value in sorted way.

Initial doubly linked list

Doubly Linked List after insertion of 9

Let input doubly linked list is sorted in increasing order.
New node passed to the function contains data in the data part and previous and next link are set to NULL.

sortedInsert(head_ref, newNode)
      if (head_ref == NULL)
      head_ref = newNode
      else if head_ref->data >= newNode->data
          newNode->next = head_ref
      newNode->next->prev = newNode
      head_ref = newNode    
      Initialize current = head_ref
      while (current->next != NULL and
               current->next->data data)
        current = current->next
      newNode->next = current->next
      if current->next != NULL
        newNode->next->prev = newNode
          current->next = newNode
      newNode->prev = current
// C++ implementation to insert value in sorted way
// in a sorted doubly linked list
#include <bits/stdc++.h>

using namespace std;

// Node of a doubly linked list
struct Node {
    int data;
    struct Node* prev, *next;

// function to create and return a new node
// of a doubly linked list
struct Node* getNode(int data)
    // allocate node
    struct Node* newNode = 
        (struct Node*)malloc(sizeof(struct Node));

    // put in the data
    newNode->data = data;
    newNode->prev = newNode->next = NULL;
    return newNode;

// function to insert a new node in sorted way in
// a sorted doubly linked list
void sortedInsert(struct Node** head_ref, struct Node* newNode)
    struct Node* current;

    // if list is empty
    if (*head_ref == NULL)
        *head_ref = newNode;

    // if the node is to be inserted at the beginning
    // of the doubly linked list
    else if ((*head_ref)->data >= newNode->data) {
        newNode->next = *head_ref;
        newNode->next->prev = newNode;
        *head_ref = newNode;

    else {
        current = *head_ref;

        // locate the node after which the new node
        // is to be inserted
        while (current->next != NULL && 
               current->next->data < newNode->data)
            current = current->next;

        /* Make the appropriate links */
        newNode->next = current->next;

        // if the new node is not inserted
        // at the end of the list
        if (current->next != NULL)
            newNode->next->prev = newNode;

        current->next = newNode;
        newNode->prev = current;

// function to print the doubly linked list
void printList(struct Node* head)
    while (head != NULL) {
        cout << head->data << " ";
        head = head->next;

// Driver program to test above
int main()
    /* start with the empty doubly linked list */
    struct Node* head = NULL;

    // insert the following nodes in sorted way
    struct Node* new_node = getNode(8);
    sortedInsert(&head, new_node);
    new_node = getNode(5);
    sortedInsert(&head, new_node);
    new_node = getNode(3);
    sortedInsert(&head, new_node);
    new_node = getNode(10);
    sortedInsert(&head, new_node);
    new_node = getNode(12);
    sortedInsert(&head, new_node);
    new_node = getNode(9);
    sortedInsert(&head, new_node);

    cout << "Created Doubly Linked Listn";
    return 0;


Created Doubly Linked List
3 5 8 9 10 12

Time Complexity: O(n)

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