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Polity Most Important Questions

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Polity- political science or the study of governance and power, is an important section for the administrative competitive exams. Apart from this political questions are an important section in the bank examination. It is advised to aspirants to read as many political questions and answers as possible during their preparation. Here are some of the fundamental and most important polity questions which will enhance your knowledge of this subject.

At last, with these questions and answers, you might have developed a basic understanding of political science. These questions are helpful for the IAS, SSC, CGL, IBPS clerks, and many more. One can not ignore this subject while encountering competitive examinations.

FAQs on Polity Most Important Questions

Q 1. What are the subfields of political science?

The subfields of political science are – public administration, comparative politics, domestic policy and international relations.

Q 2. What are the branches of government?

Branches of government are the – Local Government, State Government and Central Government. Every state in India has a Legislative Assembly. People who wins elections at the state level become Members of Legislative Assembly. One who wins elections at the Central level are known as Members of Parliament. (MP).

Q 3. What is the role of the judiciary in our country?

The role of Judiciary in our country is to provide a proper mechanism to resolve the tensions and disputes between the citizens and also the differences between the government and the citizens.

Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2023
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