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India Post GDS Salary 2024, Inhand Salary structure, Allowance, Pay Scale, Job Profile

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India Post GDS Salary 2024: In an official notification, the India Post Department specifies the India Post GDS Salary 2024. It operates under the Ministry of Communications in the Government of India and has recently opened applications for 30,041 Gramin Dak Sevak positions across 23 circles. As aspirants gear up for the selection process, understanding the intricacies of the India Post GDS salary structure becomes essential to make informed decisions about their career prospects.

India Post Office GDS starting pay for GDS/ ABPM is Rs. 10,000/- and for BPM the initial salary is Rs. 12,000/-.

In This article we have covered India Post GDS Salary 2024 including In-hand Salary, Pay Scale per month, and Job Profile, BPM work experiences in post offices, and many more.

Let’s dive right in.


India Post GDS Salary 2024

The Department of Posts falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Communications, which oversees its operations. Annually, the DoP undertakes the recruitment of candidates for the Gramin Dak Sevak role. The selection of candidates for various positions is made through the recruitment process. This article comprehensively analyzes India Post GDS salary and position in 2024.

India Post GDS Salary 2024

The following is the overview of India Post GDS Posts , Vaccandcy, and salary:


India Post

Exam Name

India Post Exam 2024


Gramin Dak Sevak




Government Job

Selection Process

Merit List

India Post GDS Recruitment 2024

20 May 2024

Official Website

India Post GDS Salary 2024

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The foundational India Post GDS salary for roles like General Duty Staff (GDS) and Assistant Branch Postmaster (ABPM) starts at INR 10,000. For those taking up the mantle of Branch Postmaster (BPM), the initial pay scale is INR 12,000. Beyond the basic pay in India Post GDS salary, Gramin Dak Sevaks, Branch Postmasters, and Assistant Branch Postmasters receive Emoluments encompassing components like Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA) and Dearness Allowance.

India Post GDS Salary Structure 2024

The followign is the India Post GDS salary structure for position of GDS post of Branch and Post Master:


Starting GDS Salary Salary

Time-Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA)

Other Allowances

Total Compensation

Assistant Branch Post Master (ABPM)/ General Duty Staff (GDS)

INR 10,000/-


Housing, Transport, etc.

Varies based on allowances

Branch Postmaster (BPM)

INR 12,000/-


Housing, Transport, etc.

Varies based on allowances

Mail Deliverer

Varies based on working hours


Housing, Transport, etc.

Varies based on allowances

GDS Salary of Assistant Branch Post Master

The following is the India Post GDS Salary 2024 for Assistant Branch master:

Working Hours

Basic India Post GDS Salary

DA (119%)

Gross Salary




Upto 3 hours

INR 2,045

INR 3,261

INR 6,012

INR 50

INR 110

INR 50

Upto 3 hours 30 mins

INR 3,200

INR 3,808

INR 7,008

INR 60

INR 110

INR 50

Upto 4 hours

INR 3,660

INR 4,355

INR 8,015

INR 70

INR 110

INR 50

Upto 5 hours

INR 4,575

INR 5,444

INR 10,019

INR 85

INR 110

INR 50

The India Post GDS Salary for Assistant Branch Post Masters (ABPMs) is closely tied to the number of hours they dedicate to their duties within a month. This means that the more hours they put in, the higher their compensation. This system is designed to reward their commitment and effort.

ABPMs also receive Time-Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA) as a significant compensation component. This structured allowance ensures their financial stability and recognizes their consistent service. Moreover, ABPMs also benefit from other subsidies that contribute to their overall India Post GDS Salary package, such as housing, transport, and different essential needs.

India Post GDS Salary Slip 2024

salary for India Post Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) depends on the position. Branch Postmasters (BPM) can earn between Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 29,380, while Assistant Branch Postmasters (ABPM)/Dak Sevaks can earn between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 24,470. The following is the India Post GDS Salary Slip:


India Post GDS Salary of Mail Deliver

The following is the India Post GDS Salary of Mail Deliver:

Working Hours

Basic GDS Salary

DA (119%)

Gross Salary


Other Allowances

Hours up to 3 hrs

INR 2,665

INR 3,111

INR 5,836

INR 50

INR 110

Hours up to 3 hrs 45 min

INR 3,330

INR 3,936

INR 7,293

INR 60

INR 110

Hours up to 5 hrs

INR 4,220

INR 5,022

INR 9,242

INR 75

INR 110

The India Post GDS salary structure for Mail Deliverers is tailored to take into account the diverse working hours they may have. It breaks down the salary into key components: Basic Salary, Dearness Allowance (DA), and Gross Salary. This provides a comprehensive view of how their salary is calculated and what each component contributes to the overall pay. Here is a detailed breakdown of India Post GDS Salary for Mail Deliver:

This structured breakdown clarifies how various components contribute to the overall salary. It’s designed to facilitate quick comprehension for Mail Deliverers, ensuring they clearly understand their India Post GDS salary based on their working hours.

In essence, these GDS salary structures are carefully designed to provide a fair and transparent system that acknowledges the efforts and dedication of Assistant Branch Post Masters and Mail Deliverers within India Post.

India Post GDS Perks and Allowances

In addition to their salaries, GDS workers receive an array of allowances, including Office Maintenance Allowance, Fixed Stationery Charge, and more. These supplementary allowances elevate the overall India Post GDS salary package for employees, enhancing their overall job satisfaction.

India Post GDS Salary after 7th Pay Commission

Implementing the 7th Pay Commission has substantially enhanced the overall India Post GDS salary structure for employees. Here is some information about the impact of the 7th Pay Commission on GDS salary:

  • GDS employees now receive dedicated stipends to support their children’s educational needs, reflecting a holistic approach to their welfare.
  • Monthly allowances have been introduced to cover office stationery expenses, ensuring that employees have the necessary resources to carry out their duties efficiently.
  • The 7th Pay Commission has introduced flexibility in regional transfers, enabling employees to request transfers per their personal or family needs.
  • GDS employees who need to relocate for work are now provided with rental stipends, recognizing the challenges associated with adjusting to new locations.
  • As part of career planning, employees who have dedicated ten years of service can opt for voluntary retirement, giving them a well-deserved opportunity to transition into the next phase of their lives.
  • The comprehensive changes the 7th Pay Commission brought about underscore India Post’s commitment to enhancing employees’ well-being and job satisfaction.

India Post GDS Job Profile 2024

The India Post GDS Job Profile of a Branch Post Master involves a wide array of responsibilities, underscoring their pivotal position within India Post’s operations. The following are the primary responsibilities of the Branch Post Master:

  • Responsibilities span from overseeing the daily activities of the post office to actively engaging in marketing efforts and providing exceptional customer service.
  • At the core of their duties is the seamless management of the Branch Post Office, which includes efficiently handling mail transportation and timely delivery to recipients.
  • Assistant Branch Postmasters contribute collaboratively to the operations, sharing responsibilities according to explicit directives to ensure the smooth functioning of the post office.
  • Notably, the selected candidate is responsible for suitable accommodation for the Branch Post Office, emphasizing their vital role in facilitating a conducive work environment.

India Post GDS Promotion and Career Growth

GDS employees with ambitions for promotion are presented with opportunities to submit written documents for consideration. The Indian Postal Circle orchestrates this process. Annually, the circle organize a range of India Post GDS promotions, requiring candidates to exhibit the requisite expertise in crafting compelling promotional materials. For further details, aspirants are encouraged to visit the official website of India Post, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest updates.

FAQs India Post GDS Salary 2024

1. What is the highest India Post GDS Salary?

The profile of a Branch Post Manager (BPM) of a level 2 category offers the greatest remuneration for a GDS applicant. Level 2 applicants are remunerated with a base India Post GDS Salary of INR 12,000, potentially earning up to a maximum of INR 29,480.

2. What is the GDS Job Profile in the Post Office?

The job description of a General Duty Staff (GDS) employee encompasses a range of responsibilities, such as providing support in Post Office Operations, facilitating mail delivery, and engaging in the sale of stamps, among other tasks.

3. Is the India Post GDS Salary the same for all posts?

The remuneration for Government Development Schemes (GDS) is contingent upon the degree of involvement and the position occupied. Various positions within the India Post GDS compensation structure, such as Branch Post Master, Assistant Branch Post Master, and Gramin Dak Sevak, may exhibit distinct income ranges.

4. How does the India Post GDS Salary increase?

Annually, the advertising budget for ABPM is subject to a 3% increase. The first compensation for the first-year GDS ABPM and Dak Sevak will amount to INR 10,000. Upon receiving the first increase of GDS ABPM, Dak Sevak will proceed to stage 2, where the base salary would amount to INR 10300.

5. What are the additional benefits apart from GDS Salary?

One of the additional benefits apart from India Post GDS salary is Enhanced exposure. Travel agencies and other travel entities use Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) to conduct searches and make reservations for lodgings. Consequently, including your hotel inside a GDS may amplify the exposure of your establishment to prospective clientele.

6. Is India Post GDS Salary Increasing in 2024?

It is expected that the official authority will increase the India Post Salary for all of their Post. Anullay the budget for the India Post Increases by 3% with the compensation included.

7. What is the in hand Salary for the India Post GDS?

Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2023
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