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In what ways does media play an Important role in Democracy?

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The media plays a very important role in a democracy in furnishing news and events that take place in the country and the world. Based on this information, people get, for example, to learn how government works. There are the following ways  which one can follow:

  1. By sending letters to the concerned minister
  2. Public protest starting a  campaign
  3. Needs to force the government to change the decision 
Media and Democracy
Media and Democracy

Media and Role in Democracy

Getting information is essential for a reason. First, it enables people should be responsible and informed rather than ignorant between media and government. Some of the most important questions to consider while designing the media  activities that strengthen democracy are:

  1. “Having a powerful position” 
  2. Who can access the means of communication?” and 
  3. To whom it  is communicated?” 

Answers to all these questions will help to shape the media sector. For example, in some countries, the state has more control over the media, directly or indirectly, and shows the terms of public debate. In sum, the following points are very essential  in the media sector to strengthen it:

Factors Affecting Media and Role in Democracy

  1. Individual people(journalists, lawyers, etc.)
  2. Subject senders (wire services, think tanks, NGOs)
  3. Training institutes, universities.
  4. Independent companies.
  5. Professional companies (journalism etc.)
  6. Technology.

 The media and the Government do not trust each other. They follow the blaming procedure of not trusting the government and the public on both sides, as the public may feel as though there is false content shown through media, and the government may feel as though the media is giving the public false information. The government has taken two steps. 

  • First, by introducing foreign investment in digital news and also making government permission mandatory.  
  • Second,  a new set of guidelines, are introduced as the Information Technology Rules, 2021, which automatically gives the government the right to order the taking down of content it finds incorrect. 

Role of Media

The role of media has become extremely critical for the smooth functioning of democracy as it helps in forming public opinion, not issues or topics. It is assumed that the Media speaks for the citizens and also checks the government. 

Journalists need to be the supported tool for society to eliminate hindrances to accurate reporting. Government measures control the media, either directly or indirectly,  but ultimately they have a common outcome. In the day-to-day life of a busy journalist, broadcaster, or media owner, it is easy to put aside the fundamental principles when going about one’s work. Newsroom includes deadlines, less budgeting and library resources, etc. This makes their work more difficult and it is easy for journalists to lose sight of the big picture. The agenda of interaction that applies to us as individuals are carried through and apply to how broader social institutions, such as the media and government, interact with each other. The media is supplying the political information that voters decide. The function of media is essential in a democratic society where citizens must know what their governments are doing. The primary democratic function of the media is to check on the state, should observe, and decide.

  • Media and Government: The role of the media in having a good government must be clear in one’s mind. Only when journalists are free to monitor, investigate and criticize the policies. All human beings need information from either side.
  • Media Rules: Media should follow ethical rules through self-regulation, and constantly enhance professionalism, be accountable to then sure people in the way it informs, educate, and entertains. 
  • Why Media is Important: Good governance comprises accountability, transparency, responsiveness, equity, and inclusion as well as effective and efficient media from time to time. 
  • Freedom of Expression: This rationale is based on the notion that democracy recognizes that, If there is no freedom of expression- if people are not free to share information and express their ideas.
  • Media and Society: The efforts to help the media should be towards the protection of press rights, and enhancing media accountability. If a democracy is to run in any country, it is a must that the media in all fairness should be given full power and a free approach to delivering.

It has a role to play behind the camera which can force the political parties to address the core issues The role of media has risen over time and it would gain more importance in the times. But a large number of existing media, cannot take up the responsibility because of the market effect, not media. The media, which plays significant roles, and above all. All channels, and contents, are said to be the most powerful weapon. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not the media and government work hand in hand?

 Sometimes they give favors to each other and there is a lack of transparency in the matter.

What is the role of media in shaping society?

 It should be free from any favoritism and should purely stay correct in order to show to people.

Can we have to control the media?

 It is only possible when they both work together for the betterment of society not by seeing their own benefits.

Is it good to have freedom of expression in media?

 Yes, then only one can show the clarity and the true picture of the matter.

Who should lay down the rules for media?

 The information Broadcasting Ministry should make a law for media but transparency should always be there, they should not be a puppet in the hand of the government.

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Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2023
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