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Importance of Two Factor Authentication

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Two-factor authentication referred to us a two-step of verification, Most of the user use one-factor authentication to log in to their social media or to any platform on the internet which has an authentication. So using two-factor authentication is where after giving the username and password we also have to give a token or an OTP or any other details to verify that it was us who login into the platform.

Example :
Suppose you sign-in to Google with email, if you use two-factor authentication then after you give the email and password while submitting the information, Google will send an OTP to your mobile phone number so that you can enter the OTP into the system, so if the OTP matches then only the Google will accept your login into Google.

Importance of Two-Factor Authentication :
It helps in protecting you from the unauthorized user to login into you account or take control over your account.
Example –
In India like SBI bank has implemented a two-factor authentication when withdrawing money from the ATM before we withdraw money from the bank by inserting the card and provide a pin or password (whatever you want to call it) that’s it we can withdraw money from the ATM, but now to withdraw money from the ATM we insert the ATM card and enter a pin or a password and then an OTP sent to our register mobile, and we have to enter the OTP in order for us to be able to continue with withdrawing the money right?. That is called to-factor as two-factor authentication.

Importance of activating Two-Factor Authentication :
As the technology increase and become more advance so the step to crack the password also become easier because all the cybersecurity expert can try millions of combination of password to match your password within a second and once they find the match they can just take advantage of everything which belongs to you in that platform.
So by using two-factor authentication even if they find the match of your password when they log in into your account, a message will send to your mobile with a token or OTP or any type of information, so when you receive this type of message or notification if you did not log in then by now you will get to know that someone a non-authorized user has login into your account.

Conclusion :
Two-factor authentication must be used because it protects you from getting hack or getting your information stolen, so if you care about your identity then you should practice making use of two-factor authentication.

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Last Updated : 05 Mar, 2021
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