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IBPS PO Interview Experience 2021

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It seems quite fascinating in working with India’s biggest banks. But there is a lot of hard work, patience, and an urge to not give up, even if it seems to be falling down. After clearing IBPS PO Mains there is the last stage known as the Personal Interview. Here I am sharing my Interview experience along with the question which was asked by the panelist during my interview. I am preety much sure this will helps you to figure out how to handle this situation.

Here is the list of question which was asked by the panelist during my Interview.

1. Give a short description of yourself and talk about your achievements : 

It is a basic question that was asked to know about the candidate and check his/her confidence.

My Answer : 
Hello sir, I am an English literature graduate from Delhi university. Currently, I am working as a Freelance content developer for English literature where my whole work revolves around writing articles. Recently I won an international “Pen flashed writing competition”. This is my short description of myself.

Note: Try to wrap up this type of question within 2 minutes so it will not turn out to be a boring conversation.

2. You are an English literature graduate student then why do you want to join the banking sector.

My answer: Previously Banking sector is within the boundaries of just lending and depositing money. But due to the introduction of new technologies, new segments, and new formulations it becomes more challenging. Along with the challenges, the banking sector provides high growth opportunities so one can be internally promoted through internal exams. 


After these two questions, they ask some conceptual questions to check my knowledge and thorough understanding of concepts.

3. What is REPO Rate and How does RBI manage Inflation through REPO Rate : 

My Answer: REPO rate is a rate at which RBI lends money to commercial banks to meet their short-term requirements. In the situation of Inflation, RBI increases the REPO rate which forces the commercial bank to increase the lending rate. As a result, the public discourages taking more loans from commercial banks and this reduces the money supply and aggregate demand in an economy. This way RBI controls Inflation by using the REPO rate.

4. What is Call Money : 

My Answer: Call money is one of the instruments in the money market in which one bank borrows from other banks to maintain the cash reserve ratio. The interest paid on call money is known as Call Rate. It is a highly volatile rate that varies from day to day or sometimes hour to hour.

5. What are the sources of income for Banks : 

My Answer: The major source of income for banks is lending loans to customers at higher rates. They also earn money through their services like account maintenance charges, debit card charges, and the charges applied on bill payments.

6.  What are Time deposits in banks.

In this Question, I fumbled and didn’t know much about it. This is because I know about fixed deposits but didn’t know that fixed deposits are also known as time deposits. But I will provide you with the right answer for your preparation.

Answer: Time deposits are those deposits which are deposited by the public in the bank for a fixed period of time. It is also known as Fixed deposits.


After these questions, they ask some personal questions to check my confidence and vision.


7. Tell me about your father’s occupation. Why you didn’t want to join your father’s business.

My answer: My father is a businessman who runs a cosmetics store. He earns a handsome amount from this shop but after this pandemic, my father’s business was affected directly. At that moment of time, I realize that I have to choose those career paths where there are so many growth opportunities as well as job security. That’s why I didn’t want to join my father’s business.

8. Is there any issue you are facing with the current banking system. If it is yes then how do you try to solve this problem.

My Answer: I feel that there is a shift in customer expectations. Nowadays customer becomes smarter and more informed so they want a more personalized and smoothest experience while dealing with banks. It is impossible to meet each customer’s expectation but banks should manage to serve the expectation of the majority of the customers. They need to conduct more surveys, need to understand consumer mentality.


9. As it is mentioned in your resume that you are a content developer for English literature. Why do you think that your experience helps you in any way in the banking sector?

My Answer: As I already mention that I am a freelance English content developer. While working as a freelancer I developed my skill extensively and learn how to manage people even when they were distressed. Now I become excellent at finding a different ways to meet customer needs.


Now the last question becomes a game-changer for me.

10. Tell us a question that you wanted us to ask you. Answer the question by yourself: 

Panelists ask such questions to make sure that the candidate prepares for the interview or not.

My Answer: Thank you so much sir for giving me this opportunity. The question is ” Tell me about your strength and weaknesses”.
My strengths are – I am a quick learner and out-of-the-box thinker, highly dedicated to meeting deadlines, and take on additional responsibilities.
My weaknesses are – Sometimes I walk the extra mile to do the job and at that moment I can’t balance my work life and personal life.


Conclusion: Finally I got selected and serve as a PO.

I hope my interview experience helps you to understand how to be calm and focused during interview sessions.


Last Updated : 06 Aug, 2022
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