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HTTP headers | Age

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The HTTP header Age defines the times in seconds of the object that have been in the proxy cache. Usually, the age header is close to zero. It is just summoned from the server, used to calculate the proxies’ current date and the date. It is a response header.


age: <delta-seconds>

Directives: This header accepts single directive as mentioned above and described below:

  • <delta-seconds>: This directive defines a non-negative integer of the time in second unit of the object that has been in a proxy cache. Time can not be negative.


age: 128404
age: 1859070

To check the age in action go to Inspect Element -> Network check the request header for age like below, age is highlighted.

Supported Browsers: The browsers compatible with HTTP header Age are listed below:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
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Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2019
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