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HTML | <link> media Attribute

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2019
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The HTML link media attribute is used to specify what media/device the target resource is optimized for. This attribute used to specify a different style for different media type.
The media attribute can accept several values.


<link media="value">

Possible Operators:

andAND operator
notNOT operator
,OR operator


allSuitable for all devices
auralSpeech synthesizers
brailleBraille feedback devices
handheldHandheld devices (small screen, limited bandwidth)
printPrint preview mode/printed pages
screenComputer screens
ttyTeletypes and similar media using a fixed-pitch character grid
tvLow resolution or limited scroll ability type devices like Television.


widthTargeted display area’s width.
heightTargeted display area’s height
device-widthTarget display or paper’s width.
device-heightTarget display or paper’s height.
orientationTarget display or paper’s orientation.
aspect-ratioWidth/height ratio of the targeted display area.
device-aspect-ratioDevice-width/device-height ratio of the target display/paper.
colorBits per color of target display.
color-indexNumber of colors the target display can handle.
monochromeBits per pixel in a monochrome frame buffer.
resolutionPixel density (dpi or dpcm) of the target display/paper.
scanScanning method of a tv display.
gridIf the output device is grid or bitmap.

Note: Prefixes like “min-“ and “max-“ can be used.


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <link rel="stylesheet" 
    <link rel="stylesheet" 
        <p><a href="index.html" target="_blank">
      Click here


Supported Browsers: The browsers supported by HTML link media attribute are listed below:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera

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