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How to Manage Passwords using MS Excel?

Last Updated : 18 Oct, 2022
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Spreadsheets are another name for Excel sheets. Microsoft Excel was created in 1985 for Apple’s Macintosh computer. The data is arranged into rows and columns. Excel sheets containing endless data can be created. There would be n rows and n columns, allowing us to store millions and crores of records in one Excel sheet. In this tutorial, we will look at how to Manage Passwords in Advanced Excel. If you use the Inquire tab functions in Excel to analyze or compare password-protected workbooks, you can avoid having to type the password each time those files are viewed. You accomplish this by utilizing passwords that Excel may save on your computer. The Inquire tab appears once you enable the Inquire add-in, which is available in Excel if you have Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 installed.

Steps for Managing Passwords 

If the Inquire tab does not appear on the ribbon, the Inquire add-in must be installed. 

Step 1: Follow the step below to install it:

  • Navigate to File.


  • Click on Options. 


  • Select Add-Ins.


  • Make sure COM Add-ins are shown next to the Go button, then click Go.


  • Check the box next to Inquire Add-in and then click OK.


Step 2: On the ribbon, select the INQUIRE tab, then click on Workbook Passwords on the Miscellaneous Group.



Step 3: The dialog box for Password Manager appears, then click on Add.



Step 4: Input and confirm your password, and optionally add a description:



Step 5: Finally, Select OK.

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