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How to install LibreOffice on Arch-based Linux Distributions(Manjaro) ?

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In this article, we will see how to install and configure LibreOffice on Arch-based Linux Distributions. LibreOffice is a free open-source office suite that allows users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases. It is available in more than 100 languages and is maintained by The Documentation Foundation. It is primarily written in C++ and Java. LibreOffice is essentially a free version of Microsoft Office or Google Docs/Slides/Sheets. 

Features of Libre Office

  • Cross-platform
  • Open-source
  • Simple user interface
  • Hige community support
  • Inbuilt templates and styles
  • Supports epub, docx, xls, ice, etc
  • Document signing and watermarks

Installation of Libre Office

Update and upgrade  your system by running

$ sudo pacman -Syyu




Now, there are two packages of LibreOffice in the official repositories of Arch:

  • libreoffice-still: More stable version with lesser bugs and crashes.
  • libreoffice-fresh: Less stable version with all the new features and enhancements.

In this tutorial, we will install the stable release.

$ sudo pacman -S libreoffice-still



Verify the installation by running

$ libreoffice --version 


Run the LibreOffice to use the tool of your choice.


Uninstallation of Libre Office

To uninstall LibreOffice along with all of its dependencies run:



Last Updated : 27 Jun, 2022
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