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How to handle alert prompts in Selenium Python ?

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Selenium’s Python Module is built to perform automated testing with Python. Alerts are a way to show popups in the browser for either accepting data or displaying data. Selenium provides methods to handle alerts of all kinds. class selenium.webdriver.common.alert.Alert(driver) handles all alerts in Selenium Python. It contains methods for dismissing, accepting, inputting, and getting text from alert prompts. The two major tasks in alerts are accepting an alert or dismissing a alert.
Selenium provides two methods for the same –


Alert Methods

The major methods during handling of alerts in Selenium include –

  • accept() – Accepts the alert available.
  • dismiss() – Dismisses the alert available.
  • send_keys(keysToSend) – Send Keys to the Alert.
  • text – Gets the text of the Alert.

How to operate on an alert prompt using Selenium Python ?

To illustrate alerts, let’s write manual javascript alert and check various methods on the same. We have created an example link –

Program –

# import webdriver
from selenium import webdriver
# import Alert 
from selenium.webdriver.common.alert import Alert
# create webdriver object
driver = webdriver.Firefox()
# get
driver.get(" / tryit.php / WXYeMD9tD4")
# create alert object
alert = Alert(driver)
# get alert text
# accept the alert

Output –

Terminal Output –

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Last Updated : 15 May, 2020
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