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How to get an object containing parameters of current URL in JavaScript ?

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The purpose of this article is to get an object which contains the parameter of the current URL.


Output: { 
           name: "john", 
           age: 27

Output: {}

To achieve this, we follow the following steps.

  • Create an empty object.
  • Using the String.match() method extract all the query params which are separated by ? and &, to achieve this we use the regex /([^?=&]+)(=([^&]*))/g
  • The String.match() method returns an array containing all the queries.
  • Using the for…each loop iterates the array and at every iteration split the value at = sign by using the String.split() method. This method returns an array of 2 strings the 0’th string is the left part of the = sign and the 1st string is the right part of the = sign.
  • Assign the first string as the key and the second string as the value of that key in the newly created object.
  • Finally, return the newly created object.



function getAllParams(url) {
    // Create an empty object
    let obj = {};
    // Extract the query params
    let paramsArray = url.match(/([^?=&]+)(=([^&]*))/g)
    // Check if there is one or more params
    if (paramsArray) {
        // Iterate the params array
        paramsArray.forEach((query) => {
            // Split the array
            let strings = query.split("=")
            // Assign the values to the object
            obj[strings[0]] = strings[1]
    // Return the object
    return obj;


  age: "27",
  name: "john"

Last Updated : 15 Feb, 2023
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