How to get a notification when an element is added to the page using JavaScript ?

To show a notification when an element is added to page we can use createElement() method creates an element list with the specified name. After that, we will create a text node by createTextNode() method.Then we will append the new elemet in that list and use the alert() function to show a notification to the user. 

Below example illustrate the approach:

Example: In this example, we already have a list so we want another element in that list, but when we want to add an element in that list, we will show a notification alert when we click the button to add an element in that list.






<!DOCTYPE html>
            function add() {
                // Add li element 
                var node = document
                // Add element into the list
                var textnode = document
                // Append the element into the list
                // Alert message when element gets added
                alert("Element is getting added") ;     
            <h1 style="color: green;">
                Click the button to append an item 
                to the end of the list.
            <ul id="myList">
            <button onclick="add()">
                Add Elements




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