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How to download Google Images using Python

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Python is a multi-purpose language and widely used for scripting. We can write Python scripts to automate day-to-day things. Let’s say we want to download google images with multiple search queries. Instead of doing it manually we can automate the process. How to install needed Module : 

pip install google_images_download

Let’s see how to write a Python script to download the Google images in Python using google_images_download module. Below is the Python code : 


# importing google_images_download module
from google_images_download import google_images_download
# creating object
response = google_images_download.googleimagesdownload()
search_queries =
'The smartphone also features an in display fingerprint sensor.',
'The pop up selfie camera is placed aligning with the rear cameras.',
'''In terms of storage Vivo V15 Pro could offer
   up to 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage.''',
'The smartphone could be fuelled by a 3 700mAh battery.',
def downloadimages(query):
    # keywords is the search query
    # format is the image file format
    # limit is the number of images to be downloaded
    # print urls is to print the image file url
    # size is the image size which can
    # be specified manually ("large, medium, icon")
    # aspect ratio denotes the height width ratio
    # of images to download. ("tall, square, wide, panoramic")
    arguments = {"keywords": query,
                 "format": "jpg",
                 "size": "medium",
    # Handling File NotFound Error   
    except FileNotFoundError:
        arguments = {"keywords": query,
                     "format": "jpg",
                     "size": "medium"}
        # Providing arguments for the searched query
            # Downloading the photos based
            # on the given arguments
# Driver Code
for query in search_queries:

Output: Note: Some images could not be open because of the downloading error. A separate “downloads” folder will be created with all the images.

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Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2022
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