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How to Downgrade Packages in Arch Linux

Last Updated : 27 Feb, 2020
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Arch Linux, one the most configurable operating systems often gets into problems when some of a package is updated and it causes a list of problems. In that case, all one wants to do is downgrade that package to the last version. It is just like performing force restore to last version in git. This article revolves around how one can downgrade a package in Arch Linux.
To start off, one is going to need a package called downgrade. For downloading downgrade, you need to use some tool which can access the AUR. We have used yay here.

Install downgrade from AUR

In shell, enter the following command,

Input : In Shell: yay -S downgrade 
Output : [sudo] password for <username> : 
....... wait for install

It will only take some time as it is a very small package. Now all you want to do is to use it to downgrade packages.

Downgrade Packages with downgrade

Syntax –

sudo downgrade [PACKAGE, ...] [-- [PACMAN OPTIONS]]

Example –
For example you want to downgrade firefox in arch.

sudo downgrade firefox

This will give you a list of versions of the package. Just enter The number corresponding to the package you want to downgrade to to downgrade.
Output :
Now it will ask the package number you want to downgrade to. In this case, let’s enter 27,

Done. Firefox will be downgraded to version 70.0.1 from 73.0.1.

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