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How to deal with employees having affair?

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It has always been a challenge for the management to handle situations dealing with human emotions that includes relationships in organizations because it becomes a sensitive matter to deal with and also involves the personal lives of the employees associated with it. It is very understandable that you can develop a soft corner for the people you are working with since at your workplace you spend maximum hours of the day and eventually make friends. Although this topic can be argued in several different ways since it has a very dynamic aspect attached to it. Therefore, this article will discuss what can be the important points that should be kept in mind while you are having relations in your workplace keeping in mind that your professional career does not get affected.

How to deal with employees having affair?


Let’s discuss the management’s role in such circumstances in the workplace:

  1. Setting policies and norms: Several organizations have different policies designed according to their employee’s age group and the company’s overall vision towards disciplinary and other basic rules and regulations. At times, companies may have strict policies for affairs which can be against their policy and can come under serious misconduct, which may prove to be very difficult for the employees and equally difficult for the management to come up with a fair decision. In such cases, Human Resources Department has to make sure that the organization’s norms and policies are followed equally by every employee irrespective of their designation so that there are no internal disturbances amongst the employees. At times, management ignores certain situations where informal relationships are not creating any mischief among the employees or disrupting any basic organizational norms.
  2. Ensuring that basic organizational conduct is followed: We have basic behavioural rules at all our professional places be that school, college or workplace. Every workplace has basic disciplinary conduct that is expected to be followed by the employees working with them, these professional conduct includes behaviour at the workplace, the language used while talking to coworkers, respecting professional boundaries while making informal relations and following basic rules of attendance and working hours specified by the organization. If the management feels that the employee is lacking in any of the aforementioned basic organizational conduct due to excessive involvement in informal relations at the office premises and that is affecting the overall performance of the employee, a serious warning can be issued or it can be discussed with the managers who can then act accordingly.
  3. Being a sounding board: The management has to act like a listening ear in such complicated situations. There can be several situations where organizations do not have a very strict policy regarding having affairs internally but they can deal with situations where they have to take strict actions in order to maintain the professional limits among the employees. Complaints which include uncomfortable working environment due to excessive interruptions of friends or partners in the workspace, downfall of performance of the employee or loss of interest in work, etc., can be received by managers or team leads to the management on the basis of which the management has to take action respectively. 
  4. Acting upon complaints received: In most cases, the team tries to resolve the issues among themselves by conducting a meeting with the employee for the same or warning the employee through team leads and managers but when there is absolutely no change in the circumstances then the matter is taken to the management. The management then acts according to the policy and takes a decision that proves to be fair enough because they have to keep several aspects in mind including the past performance record of the employees. If the management finds that the employee has a good track record of his/her performance, then a warning or PIP can be issued otherwise in a few cases. Immediate termination can also be taken after a discussion with their managers.

As we have discussed management’s role in such circumstances, let’s also discuss how employees should keep their behavioural conduct in the organization. A few points have been discussed below for the same.

  • Following the professional code of conduct: As we are done with our colourful university days and chose the career of our dreams to start the professional journey of our lives, we have a responsibility towards our organization, that is, the responsibility of professional conduct. There are several policies created by companies in order to maintain professional conduct in the organization which vary in different organizations but are expected to be followed while you are working with them. It is advised that employees keep a few points in mind so that they can create a balance between their personal and professional lives.
  • Maintaining a balance and set priorities: We should always keep in mind that our work will define a lot of aspects of our personal and professional lives. It should always be our priority in order to have a good personal and professional journey. We are respected and judged on the basis of our work and if that degrades due to any reason whatsoever, it will eventually start affecting us in a negative manner. We should learn to balance our personal and professional life in such a way that we enjoy the beauty of it rather than being stressed. This is applicable while you are having an affair in your own organization because there might be a lot of circumstances where the presence of your partner may distract you in several ways but if you set your priorities clear, it will be easy to manage both.
  • Acting professionally: You should be mature enough to act professionally while working and it is something that needs to be followed in office friendships as well. There should always be a certain limit to the jokes and informal statements that we consciously or unconsciously make to our friends or colleagues while we are present at our workplace. We should make sure that we do not get involved in acts that can cross our and our partner’s professional boundaries in any way possible and therefore make sure that we keep an eye on ourselves.
  • Ensuring a healthy environment: We should always keep in mind that our coworkers are someone with whom we do not just have to work with and share a good number of hours of the day but also make a lot of memories and learn about different people coming from different family backgrounds and societies. It is hence advised that if we are making any sort of personal relations in our office be that friendships or affairs, it should not affect people working with us or around us. It is our responsibility that we make people comfortable instead of making them awkward in the workplace because this is how we learn to respect others’ space and grow as an individual.
  • Adhering to guidelines: It should be kept in mind as working professionals that there are certain guidelines that a workplace follows in order to maintain decency in the organization. Every employee ought to follow those guidelines as it again comes under professional conduct. Hanging out in the common area, chit-chatting with your partner or friends, playing loud music etc., should be avoided or can be done in a manner that does not affect your overall performance in the organization.


The article discusses two aspects of affairs in the same organization, where one aspect talks about the actions that the management takes in such circumstances and the other aspect talks about the points that employees should take care of while working in any organization. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there is no subjective answer to this topic since the policies vary from company to company but it is always advised to refrain from any activity that might hamper your work or your reputation in any way possible but if you think that you can create a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives and manage both in a way that your work life is not affected negatively, then you can make decisions according to your will and live life on your own terms.

Last Updated : 02 May, 2023
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