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How to create a Shared Folder between two Local User in Linux?

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This article shows how to set-up a shared folder between two local users in Linux. The shared directory/folder will be accessible to both the users, they will be able to read/write each other’s file.

Let us create shared directory /home/shareFolder for user Bob and Alice and add them to a common group named projectA.

Note: You can create the uses Bob and Alice using following commands:

$ sudo useradd Bob
$ sudo passwd Bob
$ sudo useradd Alice
$ sudo passwd Alice

  1. So, start by creating common group using groupadd command.
    $ sudo groupadd projectA

  2. Now, create shared directory and change group for it using chgrp command.
    $ sudo mkdir /home/sharedFolder/
    $ sudo chgrp projectA /home/sharedFolder

  3. After this we need to change appropriate permissions for the shared directory using chmod command.
    $ sudo chmod 770 /home/sharedFolder/

    Here 770 permission means:

    7 – owner has rwx permissions.
    7 – directory groups have rwx permissions.
    0 – others have no permissions.

  4. We also need to set the SGID(Set-Group-ID) bit for the sharedFolder directory, now all newly created subdirectories/files under sharedFolder will inherit sharedFolder permissions.
    $ sudo chmod +s /home/sharedFolder 

  5. Finally we add users to the common group with whom to share the folder
    $ sudo usermod -a -G projectA Bob
    $ sudo usermod -a -G projectA Alice

Now /home/sharedFolder is accessible to both the user Bob and Alice. But others can’t access this directory. This directory will be accessible to only members of projectA group.

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Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2022
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