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How to create a DataFrame from given vectors in R ?

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In this article we will see how to create a Dataframe from four given vectors in R. To create a data frame in R using the vector, we must first have a series of vectors containing data. The data.frame() function is used to create a data frame from vector in R.



Example 1. Creating dataframe from given 4 vectors.


# creating a vector with some value
id = c(1, 2, 3)
# creating another vector with some value
name = c("karthik" , "nikhil" , "sravan")
# creating another vector with some value
branch = c("IT" , "CSE" , "IT")
# creating another vector with some value.
favourite_subject = c("SE" ,"DAA" , "OS")
# passing the vectors into data.frame() function
# as parameters
df1=data.frame(id, name, branch, favourite_subject)
# printing the data frame.


Example 2:


# creating a vector 1 with some values
faculty_id = c(247, 143, 01768)
# creating a vector 2 with some values
faculty_name=c("Subbarao", "praveen kumar", "sujatha")
# creating vector 3 with some values
designation=c("accociate professor", "assistant professor",
              "accosiate professor")
# creating vector 4 with some data
salary = c(60000, 50000, 60000)
# passing the vectors to the data.frame() function
df3 = data.frame(faculty_id, faculty_name, designation,salary)
# printing the data frame created with 4 vectors


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Last Updated : 24 Mar, 2022
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