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How to convert a DataFrame row into character vector in R?

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  • Last Updated : 21 Apr, 2021

If we want to turn a dataframe row into a character vector then we can use as.character() method In R, we can construct a character vector by enclosing the vector values in double quotation marks, but if we want to create a character vector from data frame row values, we can use the as character function.
For example, if we have a data frame df then the values in the first row of the df can be turned into character vector using as.character(df[1,]).

Syntax: as.character(df[rownum, ])

Example 1: Here we are going to turn dataframe row into a character vector.

Here we will create a dataframe and then convert it to a vector.


# creating dataframe
data <- data.frame(x1 = 1:5,              
                  x2 = letters[1:5],
                  x3 = 6:10)
# converting first row into character vector
first_row_vector = as.character(data[1, ]);


[1] "1" "1" "6"

Example 2: Converting row-wise dataframe into the vector.


data <- data.frame(x1 = c("rahul", "vikas") ,            
                  x2 = letters[1:2],
                  x3 = c(1,2))
first_row_vector = as.character(data[2, ]);
print("character vector of first row is" )


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