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How to close current tab in a browser window using JavaScript?

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 18 Oct, 2019
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We are going to be looking at the method to close the current tab in a browser window using JavaScript. Earlier it used to happen that with a simple JavaScript function, the current tab used to get closed. The following syntax was used for this purpose.



But accounting for a security feature, which was introduced a few years ago, ordinary JavaScript lost its privilege to close the current tab, just by using this syntax.

Note: A current window/tab will only get closed if and only if it was created & opened by that script.Means the window.close syntax is only allowed for the window/tab that is created & opened using method.

Example: This example shows how to open GeekForGeeks window and then close it.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <h2 style="color:green">GeeksforGeeks</h2>
    <h4 style="color:purple">Close Tab/Window using JavaScript</h4>
    <button onclick="openWin()">Click to open GeeksforGeeks website</button>
    <button onclick="closeWin()">Click here to close the window</button>
        var myGeeksforGeeksWindow;
        function openWin() {
            myGeeksforGeeksWindow = window
                     .open("", "_blank", "width=786, height=786");
        function closeWin() {

When we load the code:

New Window/Tab gets opened up:

The Window/Tab gets closed:

The entire process:

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