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How do I Find IP Address of a Device Connected to My Computer?

Last Updated : 20 Feb, 2024
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Answer: On Windows, use the command `arp -a` in Command Prompt & on macOS or Linux, use `arp -a` or `ip neigh show` in the Terminal.

To find the IP address of a device connected to your computer, use network utility commands accessible through the command line interface of your operating system. This allows for the identification of devices within your network, aiding in network management and troubleshooting.

For Windows Users

  • Open Command Prompt: Press `Win + R`, type `cmd`, and hit Enter.
  • Execute ARP Command: Type `arp -a` and press Enter. This displays a list of all devices on your network, including their IP and MAC addresses.

For macOS and Linux Users

  • Open Terminal: Locate Terminal in Applications > Utilities on macOS, or in the applications menu on Linux.
  • Use ARP or IP Commands: Type `arp -a` (for both macOS and Linux) or `ip neigh show` (Linux only) and press Enter to view connected devices and their IP addresses.


Utilizing the arp -a or ip neigh show commands enables quick identification of connected devices’ IP addresses across different operating systems, simplifying network management and diagnostic processes.

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