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Hitwicket (Octathorpe Web-Consultants Pvt. Ltd) Interview Experience | Set 1( Software Developer )

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Recently conducted an on-campus recruitment process at my university for software developer profile.
There were total of 5 rounds
Round 1

It was the aptitude and technical round. The aptitude questions were really good and 2 coding questions were there, where we only had to give the algorithm to solve the question not the whole code.
Out of like 1000 appeared for exam only 67 were shortlisted for next round.

Round 2

It was purely a coding round where only one question was given at a time and after completion of that question next one with more complexity was given. There were total of 4 questions.
Out of 67 only 25 were shortlisted for next round.

Round 3

That was the product development round where we were given an idea of an app (mine was fitness app) and we had to write the features that can be incorporated in the app, its business model and why is it unique from other similar applications in market.

Round 4

It was a technical interview round where we discussed about my projects, and they asked many coding questions based on string manipulation, matrix path finding, dynamic programming and OOPS concepts.
Questions that i remember are:-
1.) Check if any re-arrangement of a given string can turn into palindrome.
2.) Find the shortest path in 2-D matrix.

Round 5

The final round was HR interview. It was more interactive round rather than Q&A session. They asked similar HR questions like why hitwicket and talked about companies environment etc.
After 2 days I was informed by placement office of my university about my selection and total of 5 students were hired.

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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