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Hitachi Consulting Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2020

The process of selection had 6 elimination rounds.It was a pool campus drive ,around 12 to 14 colleges were taking part hence the strength on the first day was more than 500 students.My college was one of them and I was not the student of the college which had arranged the drive.All the rounds took place in the college which conducted the drive.

I won’t say the overall process was tough but it was time taking ,it took 2 days for the drive to end.

i)The first criteria of selection was the average percentage of all the semesters should be above 70%.

ii)The second round was the online test(110 questions) which was held in the college labs,each lab had around 50 students and the time duration was 2hours.The level of question asked was easy to hard but most of them were easy to moderate.The marking scheme for each question was +1 for correct answer and -2 for wrong answer.

The type of questions asked were mostly from data structures[eg. pointers,code snippets of (java ,c ,c++ ),DBMS(mainly SQL,and some basic questions from databases,some word meanings,antonym,synonym,comprehension,quantitative aptitude ,a few definitions regarding different technologies)

Some questions were a bit confusing ,so I avoided them and tried to solve all the questions I was sure about(80-90).

This round eliminated almost 400 students and only 70 were selected for further rounds.From my college 7 were selected and I was one of them.The result was conveyed through mail and selected candidates were asked to attend the pre-placement talk and further rounds the next day.

iii)Third round after pre-placement talk was group discussion round.The students were asked to submit their resumes and to fill a form.After this, groups were assigned and each group has 10 to 12 students.Their were 5 GD panels,each panel has different set of situation based question on which GD was done.
Only those students were selected who were not shouting and speaking only the important points,in our panel the one who initiated was not selected because after some time he started fighting and shouting.
In each panel only 5 or 6 students were selected for the next round.I was the only one selected from my college.

My interview took 45 mins,the first question was as usual introducing yourself.Try to introduce yourself in a bit unique way and end in such a way that the interviewer will pick your line and ask further questions on that only.The next question was my aim and my ideal person.After this the interviewer asked me technical questions.
Questions related to OOP’S like difference between abstraction and encapsulation with example.Then he asked my programming languages and difference between C,C++ and python.He gave me a situation and asked me to draw relational model .He asked me all types of inheritance with examples.
After this he asked me to explain my projects,and raised questions wherever he felt like.
Then he asked me my favourite subject (DATA STRUCTURE) and raised few questions from trees,linked list,stack, queues and gave me 2 problems and asked me to tell their algorithms.
After all the questions at the end he asked me if I want to ask any question .
I was selected in technical round and was first to go for the HR round.
The total number of students selected were around 20 after technical round.


The first HR round was all about my experiences I had and the main question was one such event where I was highly involved and cannot forget.
I was selected for the second HR and was immediately called.
The second HR round consist of around 20 questions, which consist of all the general HR questions like strength,weakness,experience,and some situational analysis .
The result came after 2 weeks and was conveyed through mail by the company.7 students got selected and I was one of them.

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