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HashedIn Technologies Interview Experience for Front End Developer (2-6 years Experienced)

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I received the mail from the recruiter via Jobs Portal. Then in Telephonic Round, few general questions were asked. I am 1.8 months experienced and below are the ROUNDS.

Round 1 Technical (Face to Face Video Call): Introduction followed by set of DSA questions.

  1. Find uncommon characters of the two strings.
  2. Counting frequencies of array elements.
  3. Authorization in React.

Note: The interviewer was very generous and polite and helped me out in writing code in JavaScript (since it was a front end role)

Round 2 Technical (Face to Face Video Call): Introduction and Elaboration of one project mentioned in your resume. 100 Records loading in UI (REACT) : I explained the concept of Pagination 

  1. Lifecycles in React with examples, Hooks Vs Class Based Components
  2. Pure Components.
  3. What are all the data structures?
  4. Find the Missing Number.
  5. C Program to Check if a Given String is a Palindrome
  6. Different ways of deleting an element from an array in JavaScript.

Round 3 Managerial + HR (Face to Face Video Call): Again Interviewer was having 7 years of experience and was very friendly. Never seen an interviewer like him before. 
Questions evolved around Sprint and Agile methodologies. He gave me few situations and I got to answer accordingly. Never in a single second it felt like an interview. He made it so easy. 
Then Why HashedIn and Are you Comfortable moving to Bangalore.

VERDICT: SELECTED! (Grabbed the profile of Software Engineer-I)

Thanks GFG!

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Last Updated : 16 Feb, 2021
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