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HashedIn Technologies Interview Experience (Off-campus)

Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2020
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So, this is an overview of all the rounds in HashedIn off-campus selection drive.

Round 1: This is the 1st technical round and it is an easy one.

    • So, the first question was to find the missing numbers from the given set of n elements. It’s an easy one so I am not going to give a solution for this.
    • Next was a string matching question, there are 2 strings (s and s') and we have to check if s' is a substring of s, but no libraries of any languages are allowed for your help.
    • The next questions were related to your language preference, as I am a java guy so my questions are related to java. For example- what is “JVM” and how┬áit helps in compiling of code?, what is string pool?, what is the deep and shallow copy?, what is daemon thread?, Tell some IDE’s for java?
    • For me, preferred languages other than Java are C++ and Python. Thus interview continued with some basic questions related to both of the languages and topics like OOPS concepts, pointers and references.

Round 2: This is the 2nd technical round and it is based on the system design or you can say its an MR round too.

    • So, the first question was “Which data structure u will prefer to design a lift system. Yes, you heard it right, I also don’t get it in one go.”
      SOLUTION: I gave is priority queue but the actual answer is a set. We put all the pressed buttons in the set and check the set every time a floor is visited.
    • The next question was “If there are n buildings and each building has k floors and each floor has m flats. so if there is some electric fault in any flat which data structure you will use to find it in minimum time.”
      SOLUTION: For this, Map(Key-Value Pairs) can be used where a key can be building number and value can be array list of pairs of floors and flat no.
    • Next was a quiz question “There are 8 balls consists of 1 defective ball and other 7 have the same weight. You have to find the defective ball in minimum no of attempts.”
      Solution Video
    • Two sand clocks are given small one measure 4 minutes and big one measure exactly 7 minutes. Your task is to find the minimum time you will take to measure exactly 9 minutes.
      Solution Video

Round 3: This is the 3rd and final technical round.

    • The first question is the projects that you have done in your college life. Languages and technologies and languages used in those projects. Some basic questions related to technology stack. And then deep in your project working advantages, business model feasibility.
    • Now that’s the toughest question in the whole three rounds. Print the no of cousins on each level :
      • As given in the figure, a m-way tree is given which has different nodes on each level, so we have to print the no. of cousins on each level, on level 1 each node has 0 cousins so there are total 0 cousins for 3 nodes.
      • On the next level first 2 are siblings not cousins because they have same parent, so for first 2 nodes there are 4 cousins, for next 3 nodes there are 3 cousins for each node and for last node 5 cousins are there, so we have to print 4+4+3+3+3+5=22. Thus, continuing same for each level.
      • SOLUTION: So what I used in this is level order traversal and count of each level. On each level count the children for each parents and maintain some Data Structure or Formula, According to you, where you can use them when last node of that level is traversed.
      • If someone found a better solution for this please share in comment.

Round 4:This is HR round.

    • It is an telephonic conversation with the HR about personal interest and whether you like to join the company or not.

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