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GS Lab Interview Experience August 2019

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Round 1 

It was Conducted on My Anatomy portal, It had  sections and there was sectional time you can’t switch b/w  the sections. 


B.Programming Logic 


Basically if you want to qualify the 1st round you have to code atleast 1 coding question. 

So keep focus on solving at least 1 coding question to qualify this round. 

Coding questions were from Arrays, String Manipulations. 

The portal gives different questions to all students appearing for the test. 

Round 2: 

Round 2 was a Technical Interview I .One to One F to F Interview 

It begin with How was your day? and How are you?

then the interviewer was very friendly. 

Q1.Introduce Yourself? 

Q2.What were Your Projects? 

Q3.What was Frontend technologies used? 

Q4.What were the backend technologies used? 

Q5.What was the database design? 

Q6.Explain Tables and there structures foreign key, primary key, candidate key differences? 

Q7.What is JSP? 

Q9.What was your role in project? 

Q10.What is your fav. programming language? 

Q11.Java OOPS Concept, Overriding, overloading, Some coding question on overriding? 

Q12.Asked about how’s your programming are you good, ok or proficient in programming? 

Q13.Asked about string’s manipulation? 

Q14.Now to give 3 logics to check palindrome? 

Q15.The palindrome question was twisted now question was:”You are given a string you have to check whether on any rotation, swapping the string forms a palindrome sequence?(You can check every character occurring in multiples of two except in case of odd length palindrome leave the middle character) 

Q16.Write both iterative and recursive solutions to find factorial of a number? can it be optimised? 

Q17.Puzzle:If Mr.A wants to send a secret message to Mr.B and he has to send it through Mr.C then how he can send it while maintaining secrecy knowing Mr.C would try to read message anyway?(Answered we can use cryptography but it wasn’t the right)(Interviewer gave me a hint that Mr.C can traverse multiple times b/w A and B)? 

Round 3: 

Technical Interview 2: 

Face to Face Interview— 

Q1.How was your day? 

Q2.Introduce yourself? 

Q3.What are your Hobbies? 

Q4.Tell me something apart from your resume? 

Q5.What do you know about GS Lab? 

Q6.Why not higher Studies? 

Q7.Was asked to code for Chess where there were two horses in the 8X8 Chessboard made 3 functions 1.Kill 2.Safe Play 3.Avoid Killing then the interviewer asked to give them priority that which function to call first? 

Q8.What is your fav. programming language? 

Q9.Why Java, Benefits of java compared to other languages? 

Q10.Was asked question on if the resume was sacaned then how you will find distinct characters how will you split them then what are delimiters, was asked about how to optimize this told to use hashset then he said if the number of characters are very large then what you will do i said i will divide them into a blocksize and then usethe same operation to find duplicate characters then he asked to optimize furthur then i said it depends on how much RAM and Proccessor are capable of, then i came with the concept of multithreading?then furthur discussion on Operating system ., Windows and Processors? 

Q11.Why want to join GS Lab? 

Q12.How would you rate yourself on a scale of 10 in Networking? 

Q13.What happens when you type about DNS) 

Q14.Any questions? 

Q15.I asked about challenges that i could face in GS Lab?(He said the main challenge is to move on i.e Reallocation) 

He told benefits of Pune the climate there and many things? 

Finally he said to wait outside. 

The Interviewer was very friendly his name was Sameer 

Round 4: HR Interview 

just for formality, your family background and other details. 

Finally Got Selected. 

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Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2021
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