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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 48

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Round 1: 
First round consisted of an online test comprising of 10 questions. First 9 of them were MCQs (mostly based on calculating time complexity, general aptitude and dynamic programming ), marking scheme for them was +10 with a negative marking of -2 for each question. The tenth question was a coding question of 20 marks.The question had partial marking for each of the test case passed.Total time for all 10 questions was 1 hr.

Round 2: 
Out of around 600+ students, around 24 were shortlisted for the second round. Round 2 was a technical round were I was first asked general questions like “Introduce yourself “, “Why are you interested in  computer engineering” etc. After this he asked me 3 coding questions .

First one was to find minimum number of flips to make a binary string alternate. I was asked to write the code on paper. Link : – . He asked for its space and time complexity.Since, I wrote code in java, so he asked me some basic questions on core java like what is the difference between Java, C, C++ and what is the meaning of platform dependence and what makes java platform independent.

The second was based on binary tree and inorder traversal.

The last question was to find the intersection of two arrays. Link: –

Round 3:
Out of 24 students, around 12-14 were shortlisted for this round.This was again a technical interview comprising of coding questions which you were supposed to write on paper followed by 3-4 questions on your projects which you mentioned in your resume.

The third was a string implementation based question.

Round 4 :
4 students were shortlisted for this round. It was again a technical round were each one of us was again asked 3-4 coding questions.

Some questions they asked were:


2. To derive the time complexity of randomised quick sort.

3. Reversing a LinkedList using recursion.



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Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2018
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