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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 32 (On campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2017

Goldman Sachs conducted on campus hiring for tech interns in our campus.
CGPA cutoff: 7.0
Branches Eligible: All circuital branches

Online Round:

An online round was conducted on hackerrank. The duration of the test was 90 minutes. There were 5 MCQs ( 10 marks each, -3 negative marking) and two coding questions( one 35 marks, and the other 15 marks)
MCQs were based on the concepts of Data Structures and Algorithms. Proper in- depth knowledge was required to solve these MCQs.
Coding questions: 1. Given a string, find the first non repeating character.
2. Given an array, find the number of contiguous subarrays such that the product of the elements of the subarray is less than or equal to a given positive integer k. ( Brute force gave TLE in this question. So proper optimised O(n) complexity solution was required)

After the online round, 6 students were shortlisted out of 170 for the personal interviews.

Personal Interview Round 1:

1.) Given a string, print all possible permutations of the characters of that strings. (Had to cover all the edge cases)
2.) What is elastic search.
3.) Modification of the first question, asked to give permuatations containing only 3 characters.

Few more questions were asked on graphs.

Personal Interview Round 2:

1.) Find the median of the stream of integers
2.) Talked about my resume and the projects I did
3.) Given a binary tree, check if it is Binary Search Tree without using extra space
Few more questions on heaps.
This round mostly revolved around trees and heap.

Personal Interview Round 3:

1.) Talked about my Resume
2.) What is JSON
3.) What is REST api
4.) Egg dropping puzzle
One more puzzle was asked. I cant recall it now

Personal Interview Round 4:

1.) Discussed questions of the first online test( conducted on hacker rank)
2.) Questions on probability and statistics
Few more HR questions

Finally , two students were selected for the internship.

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